Travel Tuesday Tour of the Week

I’ve decided this week to start promoting the tour company who I have worked for this past year as a Tour Leader.

Ecuador's Amazon

Kumuka Worldwide provides Small group, Overland, family, and specialist tours all over the world. Most of all they run tours the right way, basing themselves on a model of “Responsible Travel.” This type of travel means respecting the local environment, respecting the cultures, and, all together, understanding that you are visitors in someone else’s country. Kumuka Worldwide uses locally owned hotels and tour agents to make sure that the money is going into the hands of people in the places they visit. While traveling with Kumuka Worldwide, the point is to offer travelers a chance for more than just good photos, but also a real experience. Whether that be sleeping under the stars with lions all around in Southern Africa or dressing up in local outfits and learning the tradition dances on Lake Titicaca Peru, when traveling with Kumuka Worldwide you are sure to be filled with stories and experiences to rely to your friends and families when you get home. These types of tours allow travelers to maintain the backpackers sentiments without having to deal with the stresses of booking hotels, buses, and tours.  The tours run by Kumuka can be as short as a week long and as long as 114 days.


Today I will be featuring the first installment of a weekly “Tour of the Week” feature. And I promise that in weeks to come there will soon be some good deals coming your way.

The first tour I will feature is one that I’ve become very accustomed to as I have ran it a number of times. I think that this may possible be one of the most diverse tours that exists anywhere in the world, as it ranges from very humid rainforest to the second driest desert in the world. The 42 day tour begins in the highlands of Ecuador, travels down into the Amazon

The Famous Machu Picchu

basin, through the cloud forests of Ecuador, then south to the beach of Peru. It then continues down through some of the driest desert in the world, including stops in Lima, sand dunes of Huacachina, and the famous Nazca Lines. The tour then follows back up into the highlands visiting the Condors at Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Cuzco, Lake Titicaca and ends in La Paz, Bolivia. Of course, the tour includes a the famous trek to Machu Picchu! If you really want to see all that Western South America has to offer, this is the tour for you.

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