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I have been on the road for three years now. In that time I have spent time on 4 different continents writing and photographing them as I went. I also learned the value of documenting the little things like where I slept, where I ate, and the activities I took part in. These world travel guides are a reflection of my travels. Please look at them as if they as a guideline to planning rather than a travel guide bible of sorts. Places change, prices go up and down, good places turn bad and vice versa; as such, no guide can be perfect. However, these guide should give you a really good idea of things to do, where to stay, how much you’ll have to spend, and give you some clues into what a certain destination is like.

I would like to think that my guides are an honest depiction of the destinations listed. If you have opinions about a certain destination, or think I should add a certain restaurant, hotel or activity to the guide please feel free to make your voice heard in the comments section of each guide.

Remember too that these travel guides will likely suit a backpacking traveller on a budget like myself the best.  I call these blogs “A Backpacker’s Guide to…” because they will best suit that type of traveller.  For example, when I write a guide for New York City I don’t give a list of the top end restaurants, but rather tips for saving money eating in New York City, and great places to eat on a budget.

If you would like to contribute to one of the backpacker’s guides, or would like to write your own for the site, please feel free to shoot me a message via my contact page.

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