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Although Central Africa is lumped together by many due to the common currencies and geographic location, the region is far from a monotonous unit.  Geographies range from arid deserts to soaked rain forests to sandy coastlines.  Certain countries like Gabon and Cameroon seem closer to West Africa than Central, where countries like Chad and CAR often feel as much like Mali or Sudan.  Still, despite the differences, due to proximity, these guides encompass Central Africa as is noted by most geo-political maps.

At the end of the day, the diversity of the region is something to be cherished, if not marvelled at.  With such a wide variety of travel experiences in the region and so many challenges, Central Africa can be a traveller’s dream or their nightmare.  But like anything in life, it is what one makes of it.


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  • Central Africa: Things to Know Before you Go (coming soon)

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