Okoyo, Congo Travel Guide

When I arrived at Okoyo, it might have been the happiest I’ve ever been to see a travel destination.  Sure, there’s absolutely nothing to do or see in Okoyo, well except for kneel down and kiss the pavement.  After driving across one of the most difficult roads in Africa, arriving to this little town late in the evening was a reward.  I was also blessed by the kindness of a stranger you sheltered me for the night and fed me.  Now, well all that might make for a good story, I’m sorry if it makes for a fairly shit travel guide.

Where to Eat in Okoyo

There’s a couple small restaurants on the highway basically as soon as you pass the gas station and hit the pavement.  You’ll find them on the left side of the road.  They are cheap, but really only sell the simplest of foods.  If you’re famished, however, it’ll do.

Where to Stay in Okoyo

According to the gas station attendant when I arrived, there really isn’t anywhere to stay in Okoyo.  There definitely isn’t a hotel, or anything of the sort there.  If you can push on another hour’s drive on pavement, the next town up has much better accommodation choices.  If you’re strapped for choice, the same places that serve food can give you a mattress to sleep on if you are desperate.

The Congo

Getting out of Town

If you’re heading to Oyo, the road is perfect.  Actually, it’s likely the best road in the country.  Moreover, it’s really beautiful and the locals along the way are so much fun.  If you’re heading towards Gabon, you’re in for one of the roughest drives of your life, especially if you’re on a scooter like I was.

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