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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) certainly does not have an award winning reputation.  The country is strewn with corruption, violence, and more problems than one can list.  Kinshasa might be the most miserable city I’ve ever been.  There just seems to be a lack of hope in the capital.  In the countryside, things are different.  People are fairly friendly and eager to welcome foreigners, although they’ll likely be confused by your presence.  The truth is, however, I won’t be planning another visit to the DRC.  This is the “give me” country, as I was constantly asked by police, military and citizens alike for money, gifts, etc.  I never really felt comfortable in the DRC, and would even say there were times I felt paranoid and worried for my own safety.  Of course, I urge you to judge for yourself, but I won’t be returning anytime soon.

Time Needed: Get through as quick as you can
Backpacker’s Budget: $40 a day, $60 a day in Kinshasa


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