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For many, North Africa doesn’t “feel like Africa”. And the truth is that there is definitely a division. Part of that great division comes from the immense natural boundary called the Sahara Desert. And that desert also plays a vital role in this region in general.

The north of Africa is home to nomadic tribes, remote mountains, fierce deserts and beautiful coasts. It is also home to, in some cases, strife and civil conflict. In countries such as Egypt and Morocco, the ease of tourism is high. However, in special cases like Libya travel is not only difficult, but somewhat impossible. For all the challenges involved in travelling the north, there are plenty of rewards.

I started my trip in Morocco and have made my way south. My intention is to end in Morocco as well, completing a circle of the continent, starting and ending in this region.

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  • Algeria (Coming Soon)
  • Egypt (Coming Soon)
  • Libya (Coming Soon)
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia (Coming Soon)

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