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Morocco is certainly no stranger to tourism. In fact, destinations like Marrakesh have quickly become some of the world’s most visited cities right up there with Rome and London. However, just because parts of Morocco are littered with tourists doesn’t mean that there aren’t places to get away. In the Rif and Atlas mountains, travellers will still find places of reprieve and peace from the rat race of the everyday tourist. In general, travel through Morocco is pretty standard. However, be prepared for the challenges that it brings: especially the touts and vendors who seem to enjoy a fight more than a sale. My advice: get out into the villages of Morocco as much as you can. It is here, away from the big cities, that you’ll find the true heart and soul of the Moroccan people.

The medina walls of Meknes, Morocco

Backpacker’s Budget: $35-45 a day
Highlights: Chefchaouen, Essaouira, Marrakesh.


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  1. The last time I went to Morocco was 20 years ago with my parents and we didn’t venture outside of the hotel complex! What a waste. Your article has made me want to go back and this time see the real Morocco, I will take your advice and get out into the villages. Thank you

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    • Well I am currently in morocco and have been for three months now and I must say if you want to expiernce morocco it is best to start at the top tangier and work ur way down to finish in marrekesh because marrekesh is a much bigger Hassel than u think but if u ease in to morocco first from tangier down to chefchauoen than fes followed by meknes than rabat el jadia essouria agadir and than up to marrekesh you will find it much better plus it is cheaper to expiernce the best thing in morocco from here which is “3 day 2 night merzouga dessert tour” dont pay over 800 dirham for it u can get it for as little as 700 from a travel company but not under 1200 usually from fes. Morocco is best to visit with someone else especially if you are a woman because morocan men do not respect woman at all and rape is hi here but as long as u are with someone you’ll be fine I had to walk a morcan native lady teacher to a cab from the school and when I saw how men looked at her I could see why she wouldn’t go alone. Plus with two people you are cheaper off staying in riats than hostels. You have to bus from tangier to chefchaouin and bus from chef. To fez it is 35-40dir. Tangier to chef and 60-80d from chef. To fez than train to meknes 12 dir. Train to Rabat 60-80dir. I would recommend Casablanca for only a day than head down to el Nadia for a night those two trains should be 20 dirham each than bus to essouria 60/dir bus to agadir 30 dir and bus to marrekesh 80-100dir. So I coups go on all day to tell you about morocco but u can email me any questions tips or guidance

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