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Before arriving, Naimibia was the #1 country on my bucket list.  The others didn’t even come close.  Namibia was my holy grail, and when I finally arrived I was not disappointing.  What a great travel destination!  Namibia flourishes in so many ways.  It is home to a wealth of wildlife scattered in a number of different national parks such as the famed Etosha in the north.  Moreover, the landscapes are as varied as anywhere in the world.  There are mountains, deserts, beautiful coastline and some forests mixed in as well.  From a cultural standpoint, Namibia is one of the best places in the world to visit with both the San and Himba people holding such beautiful traditions and being incredibly welcoming as well.  The best part of Namibia, perhaps, might be the fact that there is an incredibly set up tourism industry and it is well suited for budget and luxury travellers alike.  Namibia, get here!

Highlights: Soussesvlei, Etosha National Park
Backpacker’s Budget: 40USD a Day


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  1. Great place! But we need permits in order to enter certain area, like natural reserves…

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  2. For a photographer, a visit to Namibia wouldn’t be complete without seeing the sand-filled buildings at Kolmanskop ghost town near Lüderitz. A permit is required to be there for sunrise through sunset (US$16 for non-commercial photographers only) otherwise admission is US$5 from 9:30 AM through closing at 1:00 PM. Sunrise and/or sunset is the absolutely best lighting and worth the price. The fine sand will get into the legs of your tripod. Be sure you have the tools to take it apart for cleaning.

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    • Great advice Randy! I haven’t been there, but my buddy Richard Burnaby was telling me about it, and I’ve seen his images from there. You’re right, it’s awesome. My next time I get there, I’ll be hitting that up for sure.

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