Ngepi Camp, Namibia

Easily the coolest camp site in Namibia, and perhaps all of Africa, Ngepi Camp is one of those places that is nothing but special.  It’s the type of place where you drop in for a night after a long day of travel and then stay for a week.  If you’re looking for a place to get off the tourist strip of Namibia, and into a quiet (except for the hippos at night) place to chill out and have some beer for a couple days, this is the place. Staying at Ngepi Camp is more than just a chill place to stay on the Caprivi Strip, though, it’s an experience in itself. With toilets and bathtubs set right on top of the Okavango River, rain forest showers, and a swimming pool that’s right in the middle of the river, the camp itself is the story, and a really cool one at that. ngepi camp, namibia

Getting to Ngepi Camp

Ngepi Camp is one of those places that you’ll likely need your own wheels to get to.  If you’re coming down the Caprivi Strip you’re going to take highway C48 just to the west of the Okavango River.  From there, you’ll travel southeast towards the Botswana border until you get to the Ngepi Camp turnoff which is well signed.  The road into Ngepi is extremely sandy, so if you’re like me and you’re on a scooter or a motorcycle it can be a bit of work. If you’re attempting to arrive via public transport, it might be possible.  You’ll need to catch a ride to the city of Divundu.  From there, you’ll need to find a taxi the rest of the way to Ngepi Camp.  It might also be possible to call the camp and have them send someone.

Accommodation Available at Ngepi Camp

  • Campsites: The best deal is on campsites which will only cost you about $10 per person a night.
  • Treehouses: Good for couples, the treehouses over the river are amazing, but are much more expensive at about $50 per person.
  • Bush Huts: If you’re with a family, this is a good option.  Again, a bit pricey at $45-50 per person each night.

ngepi camp, namibia

Facilities Available at Ngepi Camp

  • Restaurant: There’s really nice food at Ngepi.  Lots of game burgers, decent breakfast, a bar, and a couple decks over the river to sit and watch the hippos
  • Swimming Pool: The Swimming pool is a bit intense.  It’s basically just a boardwalk placed in the middle of the river with a cage protecting the people on the inside from the potential hippos and crocodiles outside the cage.  Intense, right?
  • Various Toilet Facilities: One of my favourite parts about Ngepi Camp was that the toilet facilities were so creative.  I know it sounds strange, but you’ll have to stay there to understand what I mean.  There’s hot water everywhere, as well.
  • WiFi: Shockingly for such a remote location, the Wifi is actually pretty decent at Ngepi Camp.  If you follow me on twitter you might remember my #waronhippos stream from the night I was live tweeting from my tent at Ngepi Camp as hippos were outside my tent making so much noise I couldn’t sleep.

ngepi camp, namibia


Activities Available

    • Wildlife Safari: Ngepi Camp is right near two nature reserves so the camp organizes safaris.


  • Fishing: You can head out onto the water for some catch and release fishing.



  • Canoe Safari: There are lots of hippos around Ngepi Camp so if you jump in one of the canoes, you’ll get nice and close to some of them.



  • Walks: It’s also possible to organize village and bird watching walks at the camp.




Contact Ngepi Camp

To get a hold of Ngepi Camp, you can email them at or give them a call at +264 81 202 8200.

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