Omaruru, Namibia

I was in a serious race to get to Swakopmund. I basically had to get from the border with Zambia all the way to Swakopmund in just 4 days.  And, remember, I was on a tiny scooter for all this.  But, by the time I had arrived in Omaruru, I could breathe a bit and chill.  I only had one day to explore, but I after spending the better part of the week on the scooter before, arriving early and leaving late was a nice change.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Omaruru.  The town has a really interesting vibe to it that’s a bit hard to explain.  It’s a little bit artsy, and a little bit old fashioned.  Regardless, you wont need more than a day to explore town, but if you’re making the long journey across the country, it makes for a nice place to break up the trip.

Getting to Omaruru

Omaruru is on the C33 highway which is a cutoff to get from Otjiwarongo to Swakopmund quicker.  The road is paved all the way and in near perfect condition.  Well driving, however, beware of Warthogs on the side of the road, they’re everywhere; especially near Otjiwarongo.

Things to do in Omaruru

Of the few things you can do in town, most will kind of feel fit for an “older” crowd.  There are lots of interesting craft and antique shops along the main street.  There are also a couple art galleries that avoid being tacky like you see in most other spots in the country.  Even if you’re just poking around, it makes for a bit of fun.  There are also winery tours in Omaruru.  In fact, the wines from here are known to many as the best in all of Namibia.

Omaruru Namibia

Where to Stay in Omaruru

On the northeastern side of town you’ll see the Omaruru Rest Camp, I don’t think you can miss it.  Here, they have camp sites, dorm rooms, and some private rooms too.  There is also wifi and a restaurant.  It’s not the most beautiful camp in Namibia, but it’ll do for a night or two if you need it.  In town, Kashana Namibia is an excellent place to stay with rooms starting at about $40USD a night.

Omaruru Rest Camp

Where to Eat in Omaruru

There aren’t that many great options in Omaruru aside from some cafe-style spots.  The best bet is to head to one of the lodges.  I’ve been told that the Ai-Aiba Lodge has nice meals.  There is also a Spar Grocery Store in the center of town.

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