Roy’s Rest Camp, Namibia

Another one of the great campsites in northern Namibia, Roy’s Rest Camp is a bit of a rustic site with a bit of a “redneck America” theme going on.  It really is quite interesting, and well worth the stop.  If you’re looking for a quiet place with those perfect Namibian stars above your head, this is the perfect place to make that happen.  Other than a couple hiking trails around the property, there really isn’t all that much to do at Roy’ Rest Camp other than… well… rest!

Roy's Rest Camp

Getting to Roy’s Rest Camp

On the B8, Roy’s Rest Camp is about 55 kilometers north-west of Grootfontein.  It’s not a challenging place to find.  You’ll see big signs off the side of the highway as you approach.  If you don’t have your own wheels, I don’t really think it’s worth a stop.  However, if you’re inclined to check it our with public transport just have a northbound bus towards Rundu drop you off at the gates on the highway.

Roy's Rest Camp

Accommodation Available at Roy’s Rest Camp

Roy’s Rest Camp features 16 camp sites on the property.  They also have a 5 lodge-style rooms and 2 rooms setup for families.  The campsites cost 95 Rand ($9.5USD) per person.  The bungalows cost between $45-70 per person, and include breakfast in the price.

Facilities Available at Roy’s Rest Camp

  • Internet: They don’t have internet throughout the property, but there is a little space at the camp that has wifi which is decent speed for guests.
  • Restaurant and Bar: Aside from having a braai, the restaurant is the only food available.  The food at the restaurant, however, is phenomenal.  It’s a bit pricey at about $17USD per meal, but well worth the cost.
  • Braai: Each of the campsites come fit with Braais.  If you need a Braai pack, they can be bought at the restaurant as well.
  • Swimming Pool: There’s an interestingly decorated swimming pool at the hotel.  Would be a nice place to relax on a hot day.

Activities Available at Roy’s Rest Camp

  • Bushman Village Tour: If you’d like to visit a traditional Bushman (San) village, this is a great place to do so.  It’s a bit expensive at $180 per trip, but if you can get together 6 people that’s not too bad.  The village is about 80km away.
  • Walking Trails: There’s a network of trails around the farm.  If you’re into birds, you’ll find some gems on these trails.  Although, even in the campsite you’ll probably be sharing space with yellow hornbills.
  • Drives: Farm drives can be organized with Roy’s Rest House for about $30USD per person

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