Chintsa, South Africa Travel Guide

I didn’t get nearly enough time in this part of South Africa.  I found my way whipping through town only to arrive late in the evening and already leaving the next day midday.  It’s a shame because it’s really beautiful down this way.  Although it’s just a village, Chintsa is a hot spot for tourists looking to get a bit off the beaten path and onto some stunning beaches.  Moreover, with incredible hotels like the Prana Lodge, it’s the type of place that is kind of hard to leave.  The area kind of feels like jungle meets sea, and it a great place for a bit of a retreat.

Chintsa, South Africa

Things to do in Chintsa

  • Xhosa Culture: Get a little bit of culture by learning about the Xhosa traditions.  Chintsa is in the heart of Xhosa country.
  • Chintsa West Beach: The beach on the west side of Chintsa is massive and stretches on as far as the eye can see.
  • Find the Swimming Hole: Along Chintsa Beach there is actually an awesome rock pool for swimming.
  • Spoil Yourself: Treat yourself to a day of luxury at Prana Lodge.

Where to Eat in Chintsa

I’m actually a terrible guide in this regard in that I only ate at the Prana Lodge.  That being said, if you’re at the Prana Lodge why would you ever want to eat anywhere else.  The food I ate here was the best I ate in all of Africa, hands-down.  In Chintsa West, there’s a restaurant on the beach and a place called the Barefoot Cafe that are meant to be alright as well.

Chintsa, South Africa

Where to Stay in Chintsa

As you’ve probably gathered already, if you’ve got the budget, there is no place in town better to stay than Prana Lodge.  Seriously, this place is on a whole other level.  My room was massive, had a private outdoor pool, and more comfort than any place I’ve stayed.  It was awesome.

There is a hostel called Buccaneer’s Backpackers that has dorms as well as camping space.

Getting out of Town

Most of the bus connections go via East London.  Chances are you’ll have to arrange with your hotel a transfer to the East London bus station.  If you use BazBus, there are connections here as it stops here between Port Elizabeth and Durban.

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