Ndola, Zambia Travel Guide

In the heart of the copper belt, and just some 10 kilometers from the southeastern finger of the DR Congo, Ndola is a far cry from what you might expect a Zambian town to look like.  In many ways, Ndola actually feels much more like an old cowboy town from the wild west, although far more developed.  For tourists though, there isn’t much to do or see in the city and most just it as a stopping off point between other destinations.  If you do end up staying the night here, though, it’s not bad at all.  If you’re coming from the DR Congo, as I was, it might just look like paradise.

Things to Do and See in Ndola

As mentioned in the intro, there isn’t much to do in town at all.  Just some ten kilometers south of NDola, though, there is the crash site of Dag Hammarskjoeld, which is worth a stop if you’ve got the time.

Where to Eat in Ndola

Just down the street from th New Ambassador Hotel, there’s a nice Indian Restaurant.  Be warned though, it closes early.  On Broadway Road, which is the main road in town, there are a couple really nice restaurants as well such as Michelangelo’s which is found in the lodge by the same name.

Where to Stay in Ndola

There aren’t any hostels that I know of in Ndola, but there are a couple budget lodges.  I made my stay at the New Ambassador Hotel which is on President’s Street.  The place has it’s own parking area, restaurant, and A/C.  There isn’t, however, WiFi.  The other option is the aforementioned Michelangelo’s Lodge, but that’s a bit more pricey than the $20 you’d spend for a private room with shared bathroom at the New Ambassador Hotel.

Getting out of Town

  • Bus: The central bus station is just a block off President’s Street on Chisokone Road and serves basically all of Zambia in either bus or minibus.  To Lusaka, it’s about a 6 hour bus ride on a nice paved road.
  • Plane: There are a couple flights a day to Lusaka from the airport which is just 2-3 kilometers from the center of town.

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