Getting a Visa for Ghana in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

If you’re reading this you probably know of the changes that were made to the Ghanaian visa process a little over a year ago.  Ouagadougou used to be the de facto stop for this visa, however things have changed slightly.  Basically, they are now saying that you can only get a tourist visa in your country of resident unless you have a really good excuse why you need to get it Burkina Faso.  Well, I went through the process this week (Jan 2012) and this was my experience as a Canadian… I’m sure it’s the same for most other nationalities.

Ghana visa Burkina Faso

This is the list of what you need… click to enlarge

What you need

I photographed the sheet listing what you need as there are some things I’ve left out of this list that you’ll need if you say a journalist or a diplomat.  Basically, what you need with you if you’re applying for a tourism visa for Ghana is the following.

  • 4 Passport Photos
  • Letter of Invitation (if tourist you just need contact info of hotels.  It says you need a voucher/receipt from your purchase but just explain that you reserved over the phone if they ask)
  • Yellow Fever Certificate
  • Written Explanation: On a piece of white paper (which they can give to you at the embassy in Ouagadougou) they expect you to write a reason as to why you couldn’t apply in your home country. Excuses such as: I’ve been travelling for more than 2 months, or it’s cheaper here, are NOT valid.  The excuse I used, which was genuine, was that I didn’t know I would be entering Ghana and haven’t been in Canada since deciding to visit.  The guy who processes the applications is very good at letting you know if your explanation is good or not.  He will read it before processing it.

Costs and other information

Ghana visa Burkina Faso

The cost of visas for Ghana in the office in Ouagadougou

  • The prices are as follows: 2 month single-entry = 17,700 CFA, 3 month multi-entry = 30,000CFA, 6 month multi-entry = 41,000CFA, 1 year multi-entry = 79,200CFA (there is a photo of the price list attached).
  • The embassy is on Avenue D’Oubritenga
  • The embassy opens at 8am Mon-Fri
  • There is nowhere near the embassy to get passport photos, as a taxi to take you somewhere downtown.  They’ll do the polaroid 4 photos in a couple minutes for about 2,500 CFA.
  • Processing time is supposed to be 3 working days, but it was actually 4 with me.  I dropped it off on Friday and picked it up on Wednesday.


Yeah, it’s completely possible to get your visa here, in fact of the 5 people I met there none were denied.  I think that the challenges they put you through are all just a minor deterrent.  It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s possible.  In Mali, visas are very difficult to get at the moment, and I’ve only heard of residents getting visas.  Your other option would be to do it in Dakar, which I’m told is pretty straight forward.  But yeah, I had no problems getting mine.


  1. Correct information – easy and friendly process.

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  2. Just applied for mine here without being asked any questions:
    I had been to Ghana before on a tourist visa and will only go back to visit some friends for a couple of weeks and catch my flight home. All they asked was my purpose of travel, they didn’t even mention that they don’t want to issue visa to non-Burkinabé. I handed them my flight ticket, a letter of invitation of my Ghanaian friend and a certificate of my internship in Ouagadougou.
    Let’s see what happens when I pick up the passport on monday…

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    • Good news Phil! Probably helped that you had a letter of invite and a flight ticket! Enjoy Ghana!

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  3. Hi,Brendan

    Thanks for info!

    One question regarding address, I could not locate the street name in your article. instead I found one address as below:

    Avenue du Capitaine Thomas Sankara, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso



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    • Tian, I imagine that’s correct. It’s right on a main road. Easy to find and all the taxi drivers know it.

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  4. Thanks for providing this information, helped me greatly! Just wanted to let any other readers know that the info remains accurate (mid-June 2014), though prices are now 35,000, 50,000 and 100,000CFA for the multi-entry visas. Single entry was either 25,000 or 20,000, I forget.

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    • Thanks for the update Stella!

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  5. In Dakar we learnt from the embassy there, we could get Ghana visa at the border, which was good news. We went off there and now we should have one. Some of our group were sent away in Abidjan, some got a transitvisa of 2 days. In Mali you must have all the luck of the world, so maybe we have to go to Burkina Faso and have it there. Or don’t go at all and directly to Togo

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    • Thanks for the update!

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  6. Anyone know if I as a backpacker can get a visa at the border? I’m in Ghana now.

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