Getting a Visa for Cameroon in Calabar, Nigeria

**Note: There have been a few reports of late that the consulate in Cameroon is closed and it’s no longer possible to get a visa for Cameroon.  As far as I know, that’s not true, but the consulate has changed locations, so do not go where Google Maps or Lonely Planet guidebook indicated it.


The obvious question is where is the consulate for Cameroon in Calabar?  As I found out on my scooter, the consulate is no longer in the location mentioned in either the Lonely Planet or on Google Maps.  I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to get my visa, and did a minor freak out.  Afterwards, I asked around and after conferring with a number of taxi drivers, I was taken to the Cameroon Consulate, which is now in a fairly fancy residential part of town.  Most of the taxi drivers in town do know it, just be sure to remind them it’s the new location.

What to Bring?

I was asked for 1 passport photo and 45,000CFA.  However, I was allowed to pay in Nigerian Naira.  I’ve heard people told that they need to bring either CFA or USD instead of Naira, but the man in charge had no problem accepting the local currency from me.  In the end, I really only needed the photo and to fill out one piece of paperwork, and it all just seemed like a formality.

How Much Time?

It literally took 20 minutes.  I was asked to fill out my paperwork, and then once I handed it in the consular went into his office for 15 minutes before calling me in.  At that point, he pasted the visa into my passport, took my cash, even wrote me a receipt, and then chatted to me for 5 minutes about life in general. It really was one of the easiest visas I got in Africa.

Have Things Changed?

If you’ve heard different, or had a different experience, please let us know in the comments below.

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