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In so many ways, Gabon is the country people think of when they think of Africa.  It is a mix between rich rain forests, bright savannahs and golden coastline.  Gorillas, chimps, elephants and other wildlife are prevalent throughout the country.  However, as much as it is a microcosm of all that is good in Africa, it’s also a good descriptor of all that is wrong.  Its economy is deeply dependent on stripping its natural resources and selling them raw, corruption is rampant at all levels of business, and even the highly touted eco-tourism sector is one marred by bad business and negligence.  Gabon can easily be your paradise, or it can be your struggle.  I’m not sure I’ve been through a country in the world where I’ve felt so many ups and downs.  But at the end of my trip through the country I have to say that though I’d been dying to visit Gabon since I was a boy, I’m certainly not dying to come back.

Backpackers Budget: 40-70USD (Much more if you do excursions or visit Loango National Park)
Time Needed: 2 Weeks


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