Bitam, Gabon Travel Guide

You’ll likely only find yourself overnight in Bitam if you were late crossing the border like I was, but since I spent about 12 hours here, I guess I can put together a bit of a guide in case you find yourself in a similar situation.  Bitam is pleasant enough, and if you’re like me and try to get your visa for Gabon at the border with Cameroon, you’ll end up here to do the processing.  There are really only a couple streets in town, and most of it is on the main street.  Still, Bitam can be busy, especially around the market.  People in town don’t really seem used to seeing tourists, so be prepared for some curious looks.

Where to Stay in Bitam

Just before you get into the town of Bitam, coming from Cameroon as you climb the hill, on the right side of the road there is a place called L’Horizon Hotel and Restaurant.  This is the place to stay, without a doubt.  I got a really nice room with A/C and hot water for $20.  The owner was so welcoming and friendly, as well.  I was travelling along with a dutch couple who were overlanding in their own vehicle and when they asked how much it would be for them to camp out in their parking lot, they were told it was free as long as they ate at the restaurant.  Really good people.

In the city itself, near the market we found another hotel which seemed pretty legit.  However, it didn’t have a parking area at all and the area seemed noisy.  I imagine it would have been fine, but didn’t take down the name, so I apologize for that.

Bitam, Gabon

Where to Eat in Bitam

I’m afraid I can’t be much of a help since I really just came, spent the night and left towards the interior.  However, the place I stayed, L’Horizon, had amazing food.  So, if you’re staying there you probably don’t have to worry about getting food anywhere else.  There are a bunch of small supermarkets on the main street in town across from the immigration office as well.

Getting out of Town

If you’re here on public transport, there are lots of mini-buses going across the border into Cameroon.  There are also lots of several buses heading towards Oyem where it should be fairly easy to get to Libreville.

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