Leconi, Gabon Travel Guide

This goes down as another one of those Central African towns that I basically just whizzed through on my scooter trip down Africa.  I basically just spent the night here on my way to Congo, and I imagine that most people that come here are just here for the same reasons.  That being said, though there really isn’t anything to do there, it’s a pleasant town with friendly people and a small potential for further exploration.

Things to Do and See in Leconi

Yes, there are a couple things to do in Leconi.  In fact, if you go to the Hotel de Leconi they have an entire list of things to do and see as well as the option of getting a local guide.  Most of what there is to do revolves around visiting the plateaus and lakes in the region.  It’s pretty decent value to do a hiking tour from here.  If you have the time, it might be worth trying.

Where to Eat in Leconi

You’re options are limited to one or two places.  Like most African towns, the hotels are your best bet and there’s really only the one option in town.  Hotel de Leconi, luckily, serves pretty good food and also has a bar that you can indulge at.  You probably wont get much of a look at a menu, and will end up eating what’s being cooked, but the food is good enough.

Franceville, Gabon

Where to Stay in Leconi

As you probably guessed based on the other sections, the place to stay in town is Hotel de Leconi.  They have surprisingly nice rooms that might be a bit dated, but the mural decorations make up for that.  The cost of a room was $15, and I thought that was great value,

Getting out of Town

It’s easy enough to get down to Franceville in a shared taxi or mini-bus.  From there, you can get just about anywhere else by using the train.  If you’re hoping to get to the Congo and you’re on your own steam, it might be a serious effort as cars only go through every so often.  You could try hitching from the main road, but it could be a bit of a wait.  If you’re driving to the Congo, be prepared for the sandiest, most nasty “road” you’ve ever driven.

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