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Ghana has been number one on my west Africa travel list since university.  Many of my professors hailed from this country and thus my knowledge of its traditions, history, and tourism opportunities have been seeded in my brain for years.  However, there is something magical about arriving in a place you’ve read so much about, and studied at end, only to realize that you know absolutely nothing about it in reality.

Ghana is diverse and offers easily the widest range of tourism opportunities in all of west Africa.  The country’s dusty north offers some great wildlife viewing opportunities at places like Mole National Park while also showing off some impressive Sahel style mosques.  The center of the country is the cultural heart as the Ashanti traditions reign supreme.  And the south offers the waves of the sea and the bustle of the electric city of Accra.

Moreover, the political system in Ghana is easily the most stable in the region as witnessed in yet another set of free elections in the country.  In many ways, Ghana is the perfect travel destination.

Time Needed: 2-4 weeks

Backpacker’s Budget: $40-50 USD a Day

Highlights: Mole National Park, Cape Coast, Accra

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