Akwidaa Beach, Ghana

If you’re looking for a nice place to get away from it all in Ghana, then Akwidaa Beach is the perfect place for it.  Not only does Akwidaa Beach offer some of the best beaches in all of West Africa, but it also offers a touch of local village life if you are to head down to the village.  Couple all that with the opportunity to hang with some really great people at the Green Turtle Lodge and you’ve pretty much got yourself the perfect African escape.

Time Needed: 2-3 Days (or as long as you want to relax)
Backpacker’s Budget: 40-55 USD

Akwidaa Beach, Ghana

Things to do in Akwidaa Beach

  • Relax: Obviously people that come out here often do so to just chill out on the beach and go for the occasional swim  If you do nothing except for lounge on the beach or swing in a hammock the whole time you’re in Akwidaa Beach, no one will judge you.
  • Surf: There are surf-able waves in Akwidaa, but barely.  If you want to surf you’ll likely need to go up the coast a bit to Busua.
  • Akwidaa Village: A wander into Akwidaa Village is fun.  The people are friendly and fun-loving.  You’ll likely hear nothing but choruses of “hello, hello” as you walk through.  The river mouth where boats enter is very photogenic as well.

What to Eat in Akwidaa Beach

Obviously, you’re at the sea-front you’ll want to take full advantage of that.  If you tell your hotel staff early that you want Lobster they can even fetch you that.  If not, there’s nice line fish in the waters here as well.  Most meals will come with sides of rice and plantain.

Where to Stay in Akwidaa Beach

  • Green Turtle Lodge: This is the backpacker hub of Akwidaa Beach, although if you’re wanting a bit more luxury they have nice private huts and rooms as well.  There is also camping on the beach.  You will want to check, however, online to make sure the Green Turtle is open.  They were undergoing renovations and under a management change last time I checked.  If it’s open, this is the place to stay.
  • The Akwidaa Inn: It was under construction when I was there but should be back up now.  This is really the only other option aside from a couple smaller hotels along the way.

Getting There and Away

It’s not exactly a simple move to get to Akwidaa Beach unless you have your own wheels, but it is completely possible.  It might just cost you a bit of cash.

  • Driving: The road here is beautiful, but a bit bumpy towards the end.  Head to Agoma, then down to Busua, and across the bumpy road to Akwidaa.  It’s fairly straight-forward and you can always find people to ask for directions should you get lost.
  • Bus or Tro Tro: You’ll need to catch the bus or Tro Tro to Agoma and then pay a taxi to take you the rest of the way.  If you’re willing to pay it, it’s easier just to get a taxi from Takoradi.

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