Bolgatanga Travel Guide

The town know much less formally as “Bolga” is a bit of a transition city.  Near the border with Burkina Faso, Bolgatanga sits in the heart of Muslim Ghana, but is also the first place heading south that you start seeing churches, pork, and foreign tourists.  We’ll there isn’t a massive wealth of things to do in Bolga, there’s is a nice little vibe and the city is much more relaxed than cities farther to the south like Tamale.  If you’re coming moving between Ghana and Burkina Faso, the town of Bolgatanga makes for the perfect place to crash for a night or two.

Backpacker’s Budget: 35-40USD
Time Needed: 1-2 Days

Bolgatanga, Ghana

Things to do in Bolgatanga

You wont likely find a wild amount of things to keep you entertained in Bolga.  However, it will likely be able to keep your attention for at least a day or two.  Check out the below ideas.

  • Bolgatanga Library: Random.  This building was put together by one of the most famous architectures in the world.
  • Tonga Hills: Just outside of town, about 15km away, you’ll find the Tongo HIlls and brilliant shrines.  Makes an easy day hike.
  • Paga: Though a ways from the border, up by the border of Burkina Faso, if you’re hoping to see some Nile crocodiles, this is the place to go.

Where to Eat in Bolgatanga

If you’ve been craving bacon like I had been travelling through the Muslim north of Africa for months, arriving in Bolga will be a welcome sight.  For such a small town, there is a really nice variety of foods here.

  • Comme-ci Comme-ca: This restaurant in a hotel/bar has brilliant food.  I had a Jamaican jerked chicken meal and a couple beers for about 10$
  • Swad: The massive menu at swad should sort out your desires.  They have everything from pizza to really nice Indian food.

Where to Stay in Bolgatanga

  • Tienyine Hotel: This is the hotel that houses Comme-ci Comme-ca.  Though I didn’t have the budget for it at the time, $25 a night for a room, it looked very nice.
  • Nsamini Guesthouse: A small place with a homey courtyard and incredibly friendly host.  This has the be the best bang for the buck in town.  I paid $6USD for a nice room.

Getting out of Town

There are constant Tro-tros (mini-buses), that head to Tamale (2hrs).  Go to the Navrongo motor park if your looking to catch a bus to either Kumasi (8hrs) or Accra(15hrs).  The trip to Ouagadougou is a bit trickier.  Catch a tro-tro to the border at Paga, the catch a shared taxi to Ouaga.

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