Mole National Park, Ghana

If you’ve ever done a big African safari at some point, Mole National Park might come as a bit of a disappointment.  However, it really is an outstanding place and shouldn’t be missed.  Set your expectations far from the open savannas of Southern or Eastern Africa and instead just enjoy the peace and tranquility you’ll find here in Mole.  The best part of Mole National Park is the view from the hotel pool that looks over the plains below.  From there, you can often see elephants wandering around for a drink from one of the waterholes.  If a poolside view isn’t close enough, there are walking safaris which will get you about as close as you could ever want to be to a wild elephant.  Mole National Park might be the best value safari anywhere in Africa.  It might not offer the same massive wildlife sightings as places like Kruger National Park, but it is an experience in its own.

Time Needed: 2-3 Days
Backpacker’s Budget: 40 USD per day

Mole National Park, Ghana

Things to Do and See in Mole National Park

Obviously, people come here to Mole National Park to see the wildlife, it’s how you do it that’s up to you.

  • Poolside Wildlife: Fact is, even if you sit by the pool you’ll see some animals.  Whether they’re down in the flats or warthogs running by the pool.  There are even reports of an elephant coming to drink from the pool from time to time.
  • Foot Safari: The best way to get really close to some wildlife, early in the morning local guides take you on walks through the brush to see everything from antelope to elephant.
  • Jeep Safari: It might seem a bit expensive at first, and then you realize you can team up with a bunch of others and make it a really good price. Best thing to do in the afternoon by far.

Where to Eat in Mole National Park

You don’t really have any options in regards to where to eat.  You’ll pretty much have to eat at the restaurant at the Mole Hotel. Luckily, the food at the hotel isn’t outrageously priced and you get pretty decent food as well.  They also sell your usual alcoholic beverages.

Where to Stay in Mole National Park

Again, you’re not left with too many options when it comes to Mole National Park.  However, the choices are probably wider than most will lead you to believe.

  • Mole Hotel: The hotel isn’t as expensive as you’d think, but it’s not cheap either.  Basically, you have the option of either private rooms or dorms.  The dorms are big and not all that secure, but are fine by most standards and the best rate.
  • Mole Camping: You can camp at Mole Hotel as well, and if you have your own tent this is the best value.
  • Larabanga: The town of Larabanga on the edge of the park has a couple small guesthouses for very cheap.  You’ll have to take a moto taxi to get to and from the park, but it is easy to do, just a little less convenient.

Getting there and away

Getting to and from Mole National Park is a pain thanks to the terrible state of the road.  Seriously, it’s a state of loose gravel and washboard.  My scooter was never the same after taking the trip.    You’ll essentially need to get yourself to Tamale to make the trip to Mole.  From there, you’ll find a bus that goes once a day directly to the park.  There is another bus that travels to Wa and passes through Labaranga.  You can hop off there.  The trip down the road to Mole is bumpy, hot, and dusty.  If Ghana cares even the least bit about tourism in the country, paving this road should become a priority.  If you’re driving, and have a choice, the road from Swala down to Labaranga is in much better shape.

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