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After the many challenges I faced in Guinea-Bissau I have to say that I was a little bit worried that I was getting myself into a type of travel that wasn’t all that much fun. The challenges were pretty heavy, and I was starting to get a bit frustrated. But then I arrived in Guinea and found a beautiful recharge in the form of some of the friendliest people on the planet. Guinea, though it has many of the same infrastructure and political issues of Guinea-Bissau, has something about it that just makes it tick to a beautiful rhythm. From the beautiful vistas of the Fouta Djallon and the friendly Fula people to the insanity of Conakry, there is something really endearing about Guinea. I found myself drawn deeper and deeper into the country and would love to spend a little bit more time exploring.

Backpacker’s Budget: $40-50USD
Highlights: Fouta Djallon, The People, Music


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  1. Hey Brendan! Thanks a million for the has helped me an immense amount with planning my trip to west africa(especially putting my mind at ease regarding visas)
    I was just wondering though, how did the rain effect your travels? I am planning to be in Senegal, Guinea and guinea bissau in September and October, and I know this is still in the middle of monsoon season. Did it rain most days? And when it did, was it only for a few hours? also, was there a big difference in weather in all the different regions? Oh and did it get cold ever?
    (sorry for so many questions, accurate information is few and far between)

    Thanks in advance,

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    • Hi!
      My pleasure, I’m glad I can help.
      I travelled a lot of West Africa in the rainy season. It didn’t hurt me that much except for the fact that some of the journeys were longer. I was actually in Guinea in the heart of the rainy season. It can be a bit crazy in Conakry during the rains, but they come and go. It’ll be torrential for a couple hours, then blue skies. It’s wild. But, yeah, you should be fine. I even did my trek in the Fouta during the rains.

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