Getting a Visa for Sierra Leone in Conakry, Guinea

Gettng the Sierra Leone visa in Conakry, despite being expensive and requiring a bit of a wait, was actually a pretty pleasant experience in that there were no real gimmicks or corruption.  It seemed to all be really smooth and the process seemed as legitimate as possible.  Sure, I would have liked to pay a little bit less, but at the end of the day I can’t really complain. Conakry, Guinea The embassy for Sierra Leone is not downtown Kaloum in Conakry but just outside of downtown.

If you’re going to this embassy, don’t go during rush hour or it will take you forever.  To get here via public transport, take a shared taxi headed out of town and get out at the overpass near Marche Madina.  From there, take another taxi north and ask to be let off at the Sierra Leonean embassy.  The driver should know it.  On the way back you can just catch a taxi direct back into town.

The Sierra Leonean embassy in Conakry only accepts US dollars.  You can change money right outside the embassy, but you’ll get a better rate if you have it done in Marche Niger downtown.  The visa costs $90 for most nationalities. Along with your passport and the cash, you’ll also need 2 passport photos.  They didn’t ask me for a photo copy of my passport or to see my yellow fever vaccination.

The paperwork was pretty standard stuff and it was all in English. The processing time for the visa was three business days and from what I was told there is no real way to speed that up at all. When I arrived after three business days the passport was ready and there were absolutely no issues.

I doubt that anyone will have an issue getting their visa for Sierra Leone in Conakry, as the process was as smooth as could be.

**Note: December 14, 2013 – I’ve gotten reports that the office is now requiring a letter of invitation from someone in Sierra Leone.  I guess they didn’t read my article on improving tourism in Sierra Leone.


Did you have a different experience getting your visa for Sierra Leone in Conakry?  Questions?  If so, feel free to leave a comment below.

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