Budget for Travel to Nigeria

Nigeria is a famously expensive place to travel.  However, if you’re careful you can travel the country for a reasonable price.  The problem, of course, is that the cheaper accommodation is much less reliable both in terms of safety and in terms of electricity and running water.  Aside from Liberia, I spent more per day in Nigeria than any other country in West Africa.  I imagine that there are very few ways around these costs, without living like a true hobo.  Though I spent a little over $60 a day, I think one could probably budget for $55 a day if they weren’t too picky about where they stayed.  That being said, if you spend any amount of time in Lagos your budget will easily exceed that.  For safety sake, plan on a budget of about $65 a day in Nigeria.


  • Food: $15/Day; I was really careful with food in Nigeria since I knew the accommodation would be more.  I ate a lot of street meals which were cheap.  I also ate at the Nigerian fast food spots which are good value for what you get.
  • Accommodation: $30/Day; I stayed at an expensive hotel in Benin City for 5 days which was $40 a day.  Everywhere else was still quite expensive. The only reprieve was 2 nights camping at Afi Drill Ranch.
  • Transport: $3/Day; There were a lot of kms covered in Nigeria over a short period of time.  Fuel prices weren’t bad though, so that helped.
  • Activities; $2/Day; I visited a couple museums, and the Afi Drill Ranch.
  • Misc; $12/Day; I needed a visa for Cameroon ($110), I also paid for USB Internet which cost me about $5 a day.  I needed a mechanical service, bought new jeans, and also some bungee cords.
  • Total: $62/Day; I think it’s probably possible to go cheaper than I did in Nigeria, especially if you don’t spend so much on internet.  However, I think you’d have to do well to spend any less than $50.  You could also easily spend as much as $75 a day if you’re not careful.

Money Logistics

  • Local currency: The currency in Nigeria is called the Naira.  The currency works out to be about 150 Naira per USD.  You can change CFA, USD, Euros and British pounds really easily. The best place to change money is generally near a mosque where there are Hausa men that change it.  Honestly, the Hausa money changers must be the most honest changers in Africa and you shouldn’t have any problem with them.
  • Banks and ATMs: There are lots of ATMs in Nigeria, most of which operate on a visa only basis although some maestro and plus machines are around as well.  All cities have reliable bank machines, you shouldn’t have any problem getting cash out.
  • Traveller’s Cheques: Like most of Africa, traveller’s cheques are a complete waste of time and money.  Don’t bother bringing them to Nigeria, just bring cards and cash.

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