Budget for Travel in Senegal

In terms of budget, Senegal is pretty standard for West Africa.  There is the potential to spend lots of money, but also ways around it.  For the most part, I didn’t have a hard time staying under my budget of $45 a day.  It is, however, like anything in travel, you get what you pay for.  You can eat fancy meals in Parcelles Assinies, or you can eat street food.  The trick is moderation.


This is what I spent in Senegal

  • Food: $17/Day; I’m famous for my overeating and enjoying a fancy meal from time to time.  I splurged more than I should have in Senegal.
  • Accommodation: $20/Day; It was a mix, in Dakar and Ziguinchor I spend $25 a night but I also camped at $5 a night for a little while.
  • Transport: $2/Day; This number is lower than it could have been since I spent 2 weeks in Dakar spending very little on transport.
  • Activities/Misc: $2/Day; A couple museums, a couple national parks, and one guide.  I didn’t spend much on activities in Senegal. There was a visa for Guinea-Bissau as well.
  • Total: $41/Day; I think if I didn’t hang out two weeks in Dakar working, this number would be about $45/Day.  But nothing was too out of the ordinary.  I think the really stingy could go as low as $30/Day and those who like a little more luxury would need about $55-60/Day

Random costs

  • Fish lunch at Parcelles Assinies: $15
  • Seven-seat taxi ride (sept-place): about $2 an hour.
  • Local Sim card: 1USD

Money Logistics

  • Local currency: CFA .  It is tied to the Euro so a fairly hard currency. It’s always 655 CFA to a Euro or around 500 CFA to 1 USD.
  • Banks and ATMs:  You’ll find ATMs in all the major cities in Senegal.  Most only accept visa although some also do accept maestro.  There are loads of Western Unions as well.  In rural areas, you’ll need to pack cash.

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