Parc National Langue de Barberie

Parc National Langue de Barberie definitely stands as northern Senegal’s largest natural tourism draw.  Only a short drive from Saint-Louis the park stretches along a thin strip of land that almost looks like a giant sandbar from above.  People come to Parc National Langue de Barberie primarily to spot birds. However a stay in the area can actually lend to much more than standing in the trees with binoculars locked to your eyes.  The sandbar creates nice beaches with calm water for swimming and there are also a couple of wildlife spotting possibilities nearby.  You’ll feel world’s away while hanging out at Parc National Langue de Barberie, but your proximity to the main highway also makes it easily accessible and a great option for a couple days of your choice of relaxation, adventure, or both.

Time Needed: 2-3 days
Backpacker’s Budget: 40USD a day

Parc National Langue de Barberie

Things to do and see in ParcNational Langue de Barberie

  • The Birds. Birding is huge here.  The birds life in Parc National Langue de Barberie is about as impressive as anywhere in Africa.  While the best time of year to visit is around November when the many migratory birds are flying southbound, there are bird all year.  I spotted a number of impressive species including flamingos and hornbills.
  • Pirogue: You can hire a pirogue to paddle you through the waters of the park.  It’s a great way to get close to some of the birdlife and also to get out and check out some of the islands.
  • Guembeul Wildlife Sanctuary: Just up the road towards Saint-Louis there is a decent option for some wildlife viewing.  They have  gazelles, African turtles, and more monkeys than one could ever imagine here.  Makes for a nice halfday trip.
Parc National Langue de Barberie

Where to Stay and Eat in Parc National Langue de Barberie

There is really only one option at the park that is worthwhile and that is a place called Zebrabar.  This is a Swiss-owned property right inside the National Park.  It’s a great place to stay with all sorts of options for sleeping from camping (6$) and small bungalows ($14-20) to luxury bungalows ($40-66) . They also have really nice meals available.  Tours can be organized upon request as well.

Parc National Langue de Barberie

Getting There

Your best option is to take a private taxi from Saint-Louis shouldn’t be all too expensive.  If you’re coming in a shared vehicle from Dakar you can try to have the driver drop you off at the road to Mouit and then hike the 1km to Zebrabar.  If you call them ahead of time they’ll like come and meet you at the highway.

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