Getting a Visa for Guinea-Bissau in Ziguinchor

After hearing that the ability to get a visa for Guinea-Bissau was much easier in Ziguinchor than it was in Dakar I took a bit of a risk in waiting to get it here.  Obviously, if things had changed after the recent coup in Guinea-Bissau and visas were no longer issued there I would have had to go back to Dakar.  Luckily, they hadn’t.

Getting my visa for Guinea-Bissau in Ziguinchor couldn’t have been easier.

Visa for Guinea Bissau in Ziguinchor

Basically, I was told I needed 2 passport photos and 15,000CFA.  The office is not in the place that it is listed in the 2009 west Africa Lonely Planet travel guide, it has moved.  You can walk there, but any taxi driver in town knows it and will get you there for 150CFA. It’s on a bit of a rough road and would probably be tricky to find on your own.

I arrived at the embassy at about 930am and there was no one else there.  The consular was not busy, was very friendly and spoke Portuguese, French and even a touch of English.  From there, I had to fill out a form quickly turn over my photo and cash, and he set about typing the information out on an old school typewriter.  After about 5 minutes of typing, he pulled out a glue stick and pasted the visa to my passport and tossed a stamp on top of it.  In all honesty, the process took no more than 15 minutes and I was out of there.

This was the easiest visa I’ve ever gotten in Africa, and I imagine it is one of the easiest I will ever get.  Don’t bother getting your visa done in Dakar as it takes much more time and I believe it even costs about double the price.

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  1. Hola Brendan!
    When was it? What date did you visit the consulate of Guinea Bissau in Ziguinchor?
    Your report sounds little bit unrealistic… for Africa…
    Greetings MICHAL

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    • Hi Michal,
      About a year ago. I was told by another traveller last month that it’s still the case. I know, for Africa it seems crazy, but it really is this easy!!
      Good luck, and please, if it works for you can you report back to this thread with an updated date on when you got your visa?

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  2. Hi, I traveled to Ziguinchor to get my Guinea Bissau visa last week (October 19th 2015) as Brendan says it couldn’t have been easier getting a visa. The guy issued it within 15 mins, he spoke Portuguese, French and a local language that my Gambian friend spoke. The visa cost 20,000 CFA for 30 days but longer visas are available up to one year.

    The consulate is only 5 mins by car from the main taxi area in Ziguinchor (not the lonely planet address), we just paid a taxi 500 CFA to take us there and walked back.

    NOTE THE CONSULATE IS ONLY OPEN 8.30 – 14.00 it struck me that you are better to arrive early as the guy had to be phoned to come and issue the visa.

    My advice for Bissau is don’t go far from the main streets at night and arrive well before dark to find a hotel if you haven’t pre booked.

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    • Thanks for the update, Joe.
      Glad to hear the process in Zinguinchor is still easy!

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  3. I just got my visa there and it was unbelievable easy! I arrived there at 14:35 expecting to be sent away until tomorrow. But five minutes and 22500 CFA later I had my visa! It’s 20.000 and 2.500 for the consular service for a 30 day visa with double entry. No need to fill out any form, no passport photos, no photocopy of the passport, nothing! And they even had a price list!!! 😀

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