Kamakwie Travel Guide

Chances are you’re not coming to Kamakwie intentionally on your travels as a destination in itself. Though calm and relatively quite, there isn’t a lot for tourists to do in town here. However, if you’re on your way to or from Outamaba-Kilimi National Park, or perhaps Guinea, there is a good chance that you’ll stop here for at least one night. The town is agreeable and tame, and makes a simple place to kill a night on the road. Don’t expect tourism infrastructure in Kamakwie, but you will get a nice feel for town life in rural Sierra Leone.

Kamakwie, Sierra Leone

Where to Eat in Kamakwie

The truth is there are not a whole lot of options for eating out here in town.  On the corner by bus stop there are a couple rice bars serving up cheap dishes.  Some of the guesthouses will offer to cook you up some dinner as well.  Since I was only in town for one night, what I ended up doing was going to a grocery store and buying some bread, cheese and sardines and making myself some sandwiches to get me by.  It wasn’t a bad idea at all.

Where to Sleep in Kamakwie

Ask in town for a guest house and you’ll be brought to one.  There are three in town from what I’m told.  One is up by the cell tower, one on the outskirts, and IK guesthouse where I stayed which is a quite walk from the bus stop.  I paid about $8US for a single room with a shared bathroom.  It certainly wasn’t luxury but it did the trick.  They don’t run a generator until 7pm here though.  You can pay for the fuel yourself to get it going, otherwise you’ll only have electricity from 7-9pm.  I believe that’s the case everywhere in town.

Kamakwie, Sierra Leone

Getting out of Town

Transport is quite thin in town.  Basically there are one a couple of mini-buses that leave Kamakwie each day and most do so first thing in the morning.  Ask the night before, but generally they all leave between 6 and 7am.  There are mini-buses to both Makeni and to Freetown.  If you can’t get a Freetown direct, it’s easy to get to Makeni and then switch into something there.  In my opinion, the best thing to do is to switch in Makeni as you’ll likely get a more comfortable ride the rest of the way.  If you’re truing to get to Outamba-Kilimi National Park, you’ll likely have to hire a moto-taxi (okada) for about 10-15 $US.  The trip takes about an hour.  For Guinea, there may be a car leaving each day for Kindia, but it’s pretty hit-or-miss.

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