Budget for Travel in Togo

I didn’t spend a lot of time in Togo, and what I did spend was mostly in bed with a serious case of Malaria.  It’s hard for me, thus, to give you a proper backpacker’s budget for Togo, but what from what I estimate I think about $45 a day is a good place to start.  You won’t be too hard pressed to find good value accommodation and there are some good cheap eats along the way as well.  I’m sure you could travel the country for less than $45 a day and you could obviously go through Togo and spend a fortune if you’d like as well.


This is what I spent:

  • Food: $15/Day; I was only in Togo for a week, and for half of that I was being destroyed by my second fight with malaria.  Thus, I only spent money on drinks for a couple days.  I did, however, buy a couple more expensive meals at Chez Alice and have a nice breakfast nearly every day I was well enough to eat.
  • Accommodation: $15/Day; I spent 2 nights in my tent and 5 in a hotel room.
  • Transport: $0.50/Day; The country is but a thin slice of land.  I think between moto rides around Lome and to get across the country I only put about 250km on the scooter.
  • Activities: $0/Day; I wasn’t exactly in the mood to sightsee being attacked by malaria.  I didn’t do anything touristy at all.
  • Misc: $12/Day; I paid for visas for Togo and Benin, as well as malaria treatment, and 2 new shirts at the market.
  • Total: $42.50/Day; If you’re going inland, I’d imagine you’ll spend a bit more than this, but $45 a day is still a reasonable budget.

Money Logistics

  • Local currency: In Togo you’re on the CFA.  The franc is always traded at a 656 rate to the Euro which makes it about 500 francs to the USD.  You can change Euros, dollars and British pounds in Lome without too much of an issue.  You can also get rid of left over cedis at the boder with Ghana.
  • Banks and ATMs: There are plenty of ATMs in Lome, and even a couple along the highway towards Benin.  You’ll mostly find visa only bank machines in Togo.
  • Traveller’s Cheques: Don’t bother bringing traveller’s cheques, there are enough reliable bank machines to get by using your debit/credit cards alone.  You also have Western Union branches available if you get stuck somehow.

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