Getting a Visa for Togo

As most will find out, if they spend enough time in the region, getting visas in West Africa isn’t exactly easy.  Most African countries make it difficult for people to get visas on the idea that we in the West make it difficult for them.  As a result, getting visas for some African states can be a challenge.  Togo, however, might be a bit of an exemption to the rule.  Getting a visa for Togo is very straight forward and completely possible upon arrival.


Getting your visa for Togo at a land border

Whether you’re coming from Benin or Ghana, the process is incredibly simple.  They’ll have a sheet with the price of a visa per country.  For some reason, Canadians were more expensive.  I paid 15,000 CFA (30USD) for my visa, but most other nationalities had to pay 10,000.  You’ll fill out a form and then they’ll stamp your passport and put a visa sticker in it.

This visa is only good for 7 days.  However, it’s possible to extend it in Lome fairly easily.

Getting your visa for Togo at the airport

Basically, getting your visa at the airport in Lome is the same process as at the land border although it might feel a touch more legit.  Again, if you do it this way you’ll only be given 7 days, which is essentially a transit visa.

Getting your Visa for Togo at Home or Other African Countries

The advantage of getting a visa for Togo at home rather than at a border or an airport is that you’ll be given a month or two right off the bat without having to go and extending.  Of course, doing it this way can be a bit of a pain as well.  And the truth is that you’ll likely pay way more in visa fees doing it this way.  Although the biggest benefit of doing things this way it that you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you don’t need to do anything else regarding your visa while you’re in Togo.

A good alternative is to go to the Togolese embassy somewhere like Cotonou or Accra where processing time will likely only be a day or two and wont cost you too much either.

Extending your visa for Togo

Extending your visa is really easy.  Basically, you just need to head to the immigration office in Lome and bring a couple passport photocopies and photos.  You’ll have to do some paperwork, but they’ll extend you up to a month for free.

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