Lome, Togo Travel Guide

There’s more than meets the eye in Lome, I’m sure.  Unfortunately for me, I spent most of my time dealing with a nasty case of Malaria to really enjoy it.  But still, after the chaos of Accra, getting across to Lome can feel like such a relief.  The highway along the coast is busy, but also wide open and easy-going.  The beach bars are worth checking out if you have time.  Other than that, there’s not a wealth of things going on in Lome for tourists.

Time Needed: 2 Days
Backpacker’s Budget: 50-60USD per Day


Things to Do and See in Lome

Lome isn’t exactly a tourist town, but there are a couple things for people to do and see in town if they have time.

  • National Museum: Situated in the Palais du Congres, the museum is decent but nothing that will blow your mind.
  • The Market: The main market, the Grande Marche, is 3 stories and comes complete with anything and everything.
  • Fetish Market: If you’re into the voodoo culture, this is an interesting stop.  For me, it was far more interesting that the mai market.
  • The Beach: The beach isn’t exactly clean, but it’s massive stretches of sand.  Hang out at a beach bar, and get some sun, but watch your belongings.

Where to Eat in Lome

The mix of people in Lome means that the food selection is actually pretty fantastic.  You’ll find everything from West African cuisine all the way to German Schnitzel.

  • Maquis: There are loads of Maquis along the coastal road serving West African grub.
  • Chez Alice: A bit out of town, this hotel has some of the best food in Africa.  Run by a Swiss woman, they have amazing Schnitzel and other European dishes.
  • La Belle Epoque: This is a decent French restaurant that’s always full of expats and embassy types.  It’s over-priced though as most meals will cost about $13.

Where to Stay in Lome

By far the most popular place for travellers to stay in Lome is a place called Chez Alice.  It’s right along the coast about 5-7 km outside of Lome.  There are good, but basic rooms, a great restaurant, and lots of travellers to meet.  There is also camping available there.  Other than Chez Alice, I can’t comment on the other places to stay since I haven’t tested them out.

Getting out of Town

Lome is basically right across the Ghanaian border so getting to Accra is fairly simple by public transport.  However, I recommend footing the bill and hiring a taxi.  The price of a taxi should be no more than about 30USD and will save you a tonne of grief at the border.  If you’re heading east, there are loads of buses heading to both Benin and Nigeria directly from Lome.

The airport is just on the edge of the city and has direct connections to Paris.

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