Outside of Buenos Aires there is no other city in Argentina that offers the same quality of nightlife as Cordoba.  However, it is the arts and cultural scene in Argentina’s second city that will draw you in.  The city of Cordoba is home to a number of large universities, and the young population is very engaged in the cultural aspects of the city.  Just outside of the city you will also find a number of things to check out.  The countryside of this part of Argentina is as scenic as anywhere and there are numerous Jesuit ruins that are worth exploring in the area as well.  Cordoba is completely different than Buenos Aires.  Where the capital almost feels more European than South America, Cordoba feels like nothing else than Argentina.

Cordoba, Argentina


Things to do in Cordoba

  • Museums, Cathdrals and Plazas: The mix between modern and traditional Argentina are no more evident than in Cordoba.  Among the must sees in the city are the Museo de la Memoria, which provides insight into the military past of Argentina, and the Manzana Jesuitica, where Jesuit district of town.  Cordoba’s main plaza, plaza San Martin, is also host to a number of museums and worthy sites.
  • Visit an Estancia: The country side of Cordoba is full of estancias, small ranches, which give great insight into the traditional way of life in the region.  You can go for a day trip or immerse yourself a little more with the history by staying at a place like La Rancheria de Santa Catalina.
  • Paragliding: There are a number of places in South America that offer paragliding and Cordoba is one of the better spots to do so.  This activity can be organized in town at one of a number of agencies and then heads out of town to fly in the nearby Sierra de Cordoba.
  • Hike, Bike, or Ride: With such a great natural landscape found just outside of Cordoba, it would be a shame to come to the area and not dive into it a little bit.  Hiking, cycling and horseback riding are all available, and there are a number of agencies and hostels that offer guided tours.

Where to Eat in Cordoba

Cordoba does have a number of good restaurants, although you wont find the wide variety of types of food as you do in Buenos Aires.  If you are looking for the traditional parrilla you might want to check out La Parrilla de Raul where you can get a goo meal for about 8US$.  If you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive mid-day mean you might want to consider slipping into the Mercado Norte.

Where to Stay in Cordoba

When I stayed in Cordoba I stayed at the Che Salguero hostel with was fantastic.  It had a very nice cultural touch and a different flavour than most of the hostels in South America.  The Baluch hostel was also well reviewed by those I’ve asked.


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