Puerto Madryn

The city of Puerto Madryn gives you access to an entire area of animal life in the area. Any animal lover would love to step within inches of the penguins, sea lions, birds, and even killer whales. If you time it right you can get to see the majority of these animals. You don’t have to worry about safety in the city either, the only issue that you will have is that the things to see in Puerto Madryn are spread out over great distances. You may want to either rent a car or take a guided tour. I would recommend you rent a car because you will be able to have a more unique experience than following the orders of a tour guide and be herded with a group of others.

puerto madryn, Argentina

puerto madryn, Argentina

Things to do in Puerto Madryn

  • Punta Tombo: The largest Magellan penguin colony in the world is at your finger tips only a few hours away from the city. Get within inches to the roughly 1 million penguins that come year round here at Punta Tombo. In the country side you will also be able to see Llama’s in the park but the penguins are the real attraction.
  • Punta Nimfas: Get a bit of exercise by climbing down a massive cliff to get an up and close look at Elephant seals. Its roughly 1.5 hour drive away from the Puerto Madryn and a great place to site down and have lunch with your friends or family.
  • Peninsula Valdez: You can tast a little of everything by visiting Valdez Peninsula. At any given point of the peninsula you can see elephant seals, penguins, birds, and sea lions if you are lucky. At the south end, Punta Piramides, whale watching is possible if you’re there during the right time of year. This is also the place where you can get to see Killer Whales and Sea Lions as well.
  • Scuba Diving: There are great scuba diving opportunities in the area. If you haven’t gotten your scuba diving certificate there are opportunities to get that done as well. Since the waters in the area are so deep you have the chance of diving right alongside whales and even sea lions. There are also many shipwrecks in the area to explore.
  • Trelew: There isn’t much to see in Trelew other than a world acclaimed dinosaur museum. Its about a 1.5 hour drive away from Puerto Madryn and is best if you plan to see the museum on your to the airport. The airport is roughly 30-45 minutes from the museum.
  • Puerto Madryn: There are small trips you can take around the city to see the animals. From the main baywalk in the city you watch the whales during the right time of the year. There are also great historical museums to see in the city.

Where to Eat in Puerto Madryn

Head to the boardwalk! Here you can find a great mix of the most popular restaurants in the city. If you want something a little more local walk along one of the streets away from the water and you will find plenty of great options.

Where to Stay in Puerto Madryn

There is no “bad side of town” and since the majority of the attractions that you are going to see will be more than an hour away it doesn’t matter how close you are to the center of the city. Taxis are very cheap and most times you can walk to where the action is happening. Most hostels are pretty centralized so you shouldn’t have a problem picking a good hostel.  Check out El Retorno Traveller’s Hostel for good rooms both dorms and privates.


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