Recommended Travel Itineraries for Argentina

Argentina is such a huge country that travelling by bus becomes a huge challenge.  However, the buses in the country are the best in all of South America and are still relatively cheap.  There are fairly good prices on flights in the country as long as you book well in advance.  In fact, if you book your flights far enough in advance they can often be cheaper than buses.  I have built these recommended itineraries based on the use of bus as the main source of transportation, although there are flights connecting all of the destinations as well.  Obviously, these itineraries are meant as guides to help you with your planning and are not in any way shape or form the only way to travel Argentina. If you have any questions about travel in Argentina please don’t hesitate to contact me as I am always glad to help.

I have decided on 6 recommended itineraries for Argentina.  Click on the name of the Itinerary below to be taken to that itinerary:

Itinerary 1: The Loop or the V

***Note: The Loop becomes the V if your trip has you starting in Buenos Aires, Salta or Mendoza and skipping the Northern cities.  This will often be the case if you are starting your trip from Bolivia, Chile or Brazil.

If you’re looking to get the most out of Argentina you’ll want to hit up all of the hot spots.  If that is the case you’ll want to travel The Loop.  The itinerary I have included for the loop races through it, but this is a recommendation for the shortest amount of time available, not the longest.  Feel free to add some days to more important places as you wish.  You may also want to include Salta between Cordoba and Mendoza as the town is very interesting.

The Loop

The Loop

  • Day 1: Buenos Aires – Arrival
  • Day 2: Buenos Aires – AM City Tour and PM Tango Show
  • Day 3: Buenos Aires – Day trip to Uruguay or El Tigre
  • Day 4: Buenos Aires – Day free in BA
  • Day 5: Bus to Rosario
  • Day 6:  Rosario – Explore Rosaro
  • Day 7: AM Rosario – PM night bus to Puerto Iguazu
  • Day 8: Arrival at Iguazu and Full day visit of the falls
  • Day 9: Morning free in Iguazu PM night bus to Cordoba
  • Day 10: Day to Explore Cordoba
  • Day 11: Day in Cordoba
  • Day 12: Bus to Mendoza
  • Day 13: Mendoza – Wineries
  • Day 14: Mendoza – Explore the city
  • Day 15: Mendoza – AM free PM night bus to Bariloche
  • Day 16: Bariloche – Free day in the city
  • Day 17: Bariloche – Go on a hike, boat cruise, etc.
  • Day 18: Bariloche AM, PM night bus to El Chalten
  • Day 19: El Chalten Free day
  • Day 20-22: El Chalten – hiking and outdoors
  • Day 23: Bus to El Calafate
  • Day 24: El Calgate – Full day visit to Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Day 25: Bus to Ushuaia
  • Day 26: Ushuaia – Visit Museums
  • Day 27: Ushuaia – Visit Parque National Tierra del Fuego
  • Day 28:  Ushuaia – Visit ski lift and glacier
  • Day 29: Bus to Rio Galegos
  • Day 30: AM free in Rio Gallegos, PM night bus to Puerto Madryn
  • Day 31: Puerto Madryn – Visit Punta Tomba
  • Day 32: Puerto Madryn – Valdez Peninsula
  • Day 33: AM Puerto Madryn, PM return to Buenos Aires
  • Day 34: End in Buenos Aires

Itinerary 2: The Northern Loop

The Northern Loop

The Northern Loop

The Northern Loop of Argentina gives visitors a great sense of Argentinean culture, but, with the exception of Iguazu Falls doesn’t show off the country’s natural wonder.  If you are looking for a cultural experience, and aren’t too concerned with seeing the mountains and glaciers of Patagonia, this is likely a route you’ll enjoy.

  • Day 1: Buenos Aires – Arrival
  • Day 2: Buenos Aires – AM City Tour and PM Tango Show
  • Day 3: Buenos Aires – Day trip to Uruguay or El Tigre
  • Day 4: Buenos Aires – Day free in BA
  • Day 5: Bus to Rosario
  • Day 6:  Rosario – Explore Rosaro
  • Day 7: AM Rosario – PM night bus to Puerto Iguazu
  • Day 8: Arrival at Iguazu and Full day visit of the falls
  • Day 9: Morning free in Iguazu PM night bus to Cordoba
  • Day 10: Day to Explore Cordoba
  • Day 11: Day in Cordoba
  • Day 12: AM Cordoba, PM night bus to Salta
  • Day 13: Salta – Explore the city
  • Day 14: Salta – Adventure day in Salta
  • Day 15: AM Salta, PM night bus to Mendoza
  • Day 16: Mendoza – Wineries
  • Day 17: Mendoza – Explore the city
  • Day 18: Mendoza – AM free PM night bus to Buenos Aires
  • Day 19: Buenos Aires – End in Buenos Aires

Itinerary 3: Urban Argentina

Urban Argentina

Urban Argentina

Argentina is really a tale of two countries.  On one hand it is rich in culture of which mostly now revolves around life in the cities.  On the other hand the west and south of the country are laden with beautiful natural characteristics.  The Urban Argentina itinerary is mostly for those interested in the urban activity of the country.  When most think of urban Argentina they think first of Buenos Aires, but the truth is that cities like Rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza all exude rich Argentinean culture and character while at the same time all providing a complete different vibe.

  • Day 1: Buenos Aires – Arrival
  • Day 2: Buenos Aires – AM City Tour and PM Tango Show
  • Day 3: Buenos Aires – Day trip to Montevideo or Colonia de Sacramento
  • Day 4: Buenos Aires – Visit La Boca, maybe a football match?
  • Day 5: Buenos Aires – Day free in BA
  • Day 6: Bus to Rosario
  • Day 7:  Rosario – Explore Rosario
  • Day 8: Rosario – Explore Rosario
  • Day 9: Bus to Cordoba
  • Day 10: Cordoba – Explore the city
  • Day 11: Cordoba – Visit a local ranch
  • Day 12: Bus to Mendoza
  • Day 13: Mendoza – Wineries
  • Day 14: Mendoza – Explore the city
  • Day 15: Mendoza – AM free PM night bus to Buenos Aires
  • Day 16: Buenos Aires – End in Buenos Aires

Itinerary 4: Completely Patagonia

Completly Patagonia

Completly Patagonia

Complete with its flowing glaciers and impressive mountains Argentina’s section of Patagonia is one of the most impressive natural playgrounds in the entire world.  One could easily spend a complete month playing in the natural environments provided by this region.  The itinerary I have provided is meant to give the greatest swath of the region possible.  Of course you may want to add more time to some of the destinations I’ve included, you might also want to include Mendoza in your tour of Patagonia; if you have the time, I highly recommend it.

  • Day 1: Buenos Aires – Arrival
  • Day 2: Buenos Aires – AM City Tour and PM Tango Show
  • Day 3: Buenos Aires – Day trip to Montevideo or Colonia de Sacramento
  • Day 4: Buenos Aires – Day free in BA
  • Day 5: Buenos Aires – AM free, PM night bus to Bariloche
  • Day 6: Bariloche – Free day in the city
  • Day 7: Bariloche – Go on a hike, boat cruise, etc.
  • Day 8: Bariloche AM, PM night bus to El Chalten
  • Day 9: El Chalten Free day
  • Day 10-12: El Chalten – hiking and outdoors
  • Day 13: Bus to El Calafate
  • Day 14: El Calfate – Full day visit to Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Day 15: Bus to Ushuaia
  • Day 16: Ushuaia – Visit Museums
  • Day 17: Ushuaia – Visit Parque National Tierra del Fuego
  • Day 18:  Ushuaia – Visit ski lift and glacier
  • Day 19: Bus to Rio Galegos
  • Day 20: AM free in Rio Gallegos, PM night bus to Puerto Madryn
  • Day 21: Puerto Madryn – Visit Punta Tomba
  • Day 22: Puerto Madryn – Valdez Peninsula
  • Day 23: AM Puerto Madryn, PM return to Buenos Aires
  • Day 24: End in Buenos Aires



Itinerary 5: A Taste of Patagonia

A Taste of Patagonia

A Taste of Patagonia

If you only have a couple of weeks in Argentina and you want to see the best of what Patagonia has to offer you might be in a little bit of a hurry, you’ll also have some long bus rides ahead of you.  Although, if you plan ahead this trip can be eased with a couple of flights.

A bit of everything

A bit of everything

  • Day 1: Buenos Aires – Arrival
  • Day 2: Buenos Aires – AM City Tour and PM Tango Show
  • Day 3: Buenos Aires – Day trip to Montevideo or Colonia de Sacramento, or more Buenos Aires
  • Day 5: Buenos Aires – AM free, PM night bus to Bariloche
  • Day 6: Bariloche – Free day in the city
  • Day 7: Bariloche – Go on a hike, boat cruise, etc.
  • Day 8: Bariloche AM, PM night bus to El Chalafate
  • Day 9: El Calafate –  Free day, organize tour for next day
  • Day 10: El Calafate – Full day visit to Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Day 11: Bus to Puerto Madryn
  • Day 12: Puerto Madryn – Visit Punta Tomba
  • Day 13: Puerto Madryn – Valdez Peninsula
  • Day 14: AM Puerto Madryn, PM return to Buenos Aires
  • Day 15: End in Buenos Aires

Itinerary 6: A Bit of Everything

A huge country like Argentina can be overwhelming in terms of seeing everything it has to offer.  There is, however, a way of seeing a little bit of everything in a way that will make you feel like you aren’t missing too much.  The following is my recommendation for the best way to get a piece of everything on your trip in Argentina without spending months in the country,

  • Day 1: Buenos Aires – Arrival
  • Day 2: Buenos Aires – AM City Tour and PM Tango Show
  • Day 3: Buenos Aires – Day trip to Uruguay or El Tigre
  • Day 4: Buenos Aires – Day free in BA
  • Day 5: AM Buenos Aires – PM night bus to Puerto Iguazu
  • Day 6: Arrival at Iguazu and Full day visit of the falls
  • Day 7: Morning free in Iguazu PM night bus to Cordoba
  • Day 8: Day to Explore Cordoba
  • Day 9: Day in Cordoba
  • Day 10: Bus to Mendoza
  • Day 11: Mendoza – Wineries
  • Day 12: Mendoza – Explore the city
  • Day 13: Mendoza – AM free PM night bus to Bariloche
  • Day 14: Bariloche – Free day in the city
  • Day 15: Bariloche – Go on a hike, boat cruise, etc.
  • Day 16: Bariloche AM, PM night bus to El Chalten
  • Day 17: Bus to Puerto Madryn
  • Day 18: Puerto Madryn – Visit Punta Tomba
  • Day 19: Puerto Madryn – Valdez Peninsula
  • Day 20: AM Puerto Madryn, PM return to Buenos Aires
  • Day 21: End in Buenos Aires




  1. Hi,

    First of all thanks for setting up this great website.

    We are planning on traveling from Argentina to Bolivia then Peru then onto chile, we like the idea of doing half the northen Argentina loop finishing off in salta and then connecting onto the Argentina to Peru, Bolivia route.

    We are planning on spending 5 weeks traveling from Argentina to Peru, then staying with family for 3 weeks in chilie. If you have any advice that would be greatly appreciated.

    Also we would like to visit some crystal caves is there any in Bolivia that you know off?

    Thank you for your time.

    Safe travels, Brad.

    Post a Reply
    • Hey Brad, sounds like an awesome trip! Advice: enjoy it!!! That region still pulls on my heart strings for sure. If you are concerned with altitude maybe pack some pills, but only use them if things get tough… if you easy your way into the altitude you won’t have any problems… or you shouldn’t. As for crystal caves, I’ve never done anything like that… but if you go to Potosi you can get right down into the old silver mines which isn’t at all what you’re asking for, but underground and very cool haha. enjoy your trip!

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  2. Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for your advice and yes hopefully we will enjoy our trip, if we find some crystal caves ill let you know.

    Cheers Brad

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  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the website. Great tips.
    My husband and I are planning a trip to Argentina for 13 days this December.
    We are having a hard time deciding where to go in addition to Buenos Aires. We are thinking of starting at El Calafate for 2 days then flying to Bariloche for 3 days and ending the rest of our trip in Buenos Aires (we have family and friends to visit). Do you think that is a good plan? Do you think there are other places that should be seen as well? We won’t be trekking maybe just day hikes.

    Post a Reply
    • Yeah, sounds like the way to go if you only have limited time. Perito Moreno glacier just outside of El Calafate is incredible and shouldn’t be missed. Bariolche is very nice as well… I think in 13 days you can’t really squeeze anything else in. The only thing would be perhaps a visit to Iguazu Falls, if you had time. Iguazu is incredible.

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  4. Hi Brendan,

    Love your #1 Loop but would add Salta, a side trip to Chile, Santiago and Valparaiso at least.
    We are both semi-retired and plan to spend 4 to 6 weeks on this our first trip to South America. Our goal was to do a loop of Argentina and Chile followed by a loop of Peru, Machu Piccu and the Galápagos Islands. However the cost of flights especially if we do not do a return flight from Bunos Aires has us thinking of just doing Argentina and Chile on this trip for 4 weeks.
    We do not do a high budget trip as we normally avoid hotels staying in apartments using Home Away or Owner Direct as this is much more reasonable. We also typically eat breakfast and most dinner in and purchase lunches.
    We love outdoor activities, skiing( not doing a ski trip as we want to see SA not just a ski resort and mountain roads would not be fun in the winter). We also enjoy hiking, love wine(want to visit several wineries and do tours, tastings and lunch if offered or if possible stay over at some wineries), stay on a ranch(happy to stay/work for up to a week), Tango lessons, cooking class, I love photography and wild life.

    No one mentions the air passes for Argentina or indeed for SA? If these are reliable they would possible allow the full tour to happen???

    Would love to have a SA resource to source out tour guides for Bunos Aires, above activities, best tours to take, ranges to stay at, wineries to visit/stay at, towns that are the best to visit etc.

    Can you help?

    Paul and Julie

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  5. Hi Brendan,
    Thanks for this post. We are booking a 16 day trip to Argentina and are having a hard time eliminating some of the fantastic destinations. We want to see as much as possible, without exhausting ourselves with too much time in airports. It will be our honeymoon, so we want some time to relax. We are very outdoorsy people and I love the mountains so a trip to the south is definitely being contemplated. But we want to go to Torres del Paine in Chile, which is a significant trek from BsAs and will eat into a lot of the time we have. Other places we want to visit are the Falls and Mendoza. Salta is also very interesting to us but we would only have at most 2-3 days the which might not be sufficient to even scratch the surface, which is why we are considering Mendoza instead, which is easier to do in a few days. We could hit Salta, though, if we eliminated the Falls, but every website seem to imply that the Falls are non-negotiable.

    Wold we be just as happy if we visited Argentinian Patagonia instead of the Torres del Paine? I don’t get the impression it’s nearly as stunning. Our itinerary includes 4 days in Torres del Paine, which, combined with travel time, essentially means 6 days in the south.

    What about the Falls? Should we skip them and do Salta instead?

    Thanks so much. I hope you are still answering these posts.


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  6. Sadly, we only have 9 total travel days (so really about 7 days to sightsee). We thought about spending five or so days in Argentina and one or two in Uruguay. Any suggestions for such a short trip? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    • Hi Kate, Honestly, Uruguay is a bit of a mission from Argentina as you have to take the Ferry which wastes almost a whole day. If you only have 9 days I’d just stay on the Argentine side. Maybe Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, and Mendoza if you don’t mind some overnight bus travel??

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  7. Hi Brendan! This is such an excellent website, full of lots of wisdom and great resources. Thank you so much for all of the hard work, time and energy, you have put into creating something so useful!

    My husband and I are in the process of planning a trip to Argentina, and plan to fly into Buenos Aires and spend some time there. We’ll only have about 14 days in total, and since most of your itineraries are somewhat longer, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for other places we should try to visit during that time. There are just so many possibilities that we are a little bit overwhelmed by the decision-making process…and since we have never been and don’t know anyone that has, it’s been difficult. We have a moderate sort of budget – we won’t be backpacking or staying at hostels, but we won’t be staying at luxury hotels either. Any thoughts you have are very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

    All the best,

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  8. Great site! Are there reccs for a seven day trip

    We were thinking BA, Mendoza and Pherto Madryn to see the whales

    Any thoughts or reactions to this?..

    Post a Reply
    • Sounds good to me. Are you flying around then I assume? Those distances are pretty massive in Argentina. But yeah, if you want to see whales that’s the way to go. Iguazu is amazing and if you’re not dead-set on whales that’s something worth adding.

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      • Hi Brendan, My family of 4 (two daughters 20 and 22) are going to Argentina for a wedding the end of May. We thought we would fly into BA two weeks before and see as much of Argentina as possible during the first 7 – 9 days and then end in BA for the wedding and home. Suggestions on itinerary for the Falls, ice trekking, maybe skiing, etc. If flights are low enough, we will fly between locations. I have NO idea what, where or how to go! Advise?? Thanks!

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        • Hi Suzanne,
          If the cost of flights are right, then do it that way. The distances are massive in Argentina. Unless you don’t mind taking the overnight buses (which are actually really nice and comfortable), the plane is the right way to go in Argentina. If you’re trying to all those things, I think skiing is iffy in May. But maybe: Iguazu Falls, El Calafate and Mendoza? That would give you a nice cross-section of the country and all have good airline connections. Hope that helps.

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  9. Brendan,


    My wife and I are booked to arrive in BA on November 9, departing the 27. Having read your suggested itineraries we were thinking the following places to visit…BA (including day trips to Colonia & San Antonio), Iguazu Falls, the Salta loop, and Mendoza. We would ideally like travel between destinations using a combination of air vs bus. What would you recommend as being the best use of each mode of transportation?

    Thanks for your wisdom!


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    • Scott, If you have the time, the buses in Argentina are brilliant and an overnight bus isn’t a bad idea since you can catch both sleep and travel. However, if you book well in advance you can get flights for nearly the same price as the buses. For the Salta loop you’ll need to take buses, to get to Mendoza and Iguazu you might want to look into flight prices as they’re major destinations you might grab a good price.
      Anyways, enjoy your trip!

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  10. Hi,

    I am flying to buenos aires and only have 9 days there. What do you recommend? Is going to the beaches in late nov worth it ? Or will it not be hot enough?


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    • Katrina,
      The beaches around Buenos Aires are terrible. You’d have to cross to Uruguay, and the temperature would be ok for the beaches there.
      As for 9 days, it’s pretty tough, you really have to choose one or two places. I wouldn’t miss Iguazu falls, so personally I’d make that a priority and see what else you could squeeze out.

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  11. I want to get from iguazu falls to el calafate by air, but I can’t find flights. Is this possible? I want to fly into Rio De Janiero, go to falls , then go to El calafate, peninsula valdez area, Buenos aires and home. Is there a way to do this thanks Larry

    Post a Reply
    • yup, it’s possible. But probably best off find flights via aerolineas argentina. Good luck!

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  12. Hi there,
    My boyfriend and I are planning a 15 day trip to Argentina in December. We are looking for a mix of hiking, nature, cultural activities and something off the beaten path or less touristic if possible. We will be flying into BA. We definitely want to see the falls. Salta looks interesting as well. That is where I get stuck because there are just so many places to visit. Perhaps the Northern region would be best. Help please. Recommendations?


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    • Hi Nicole,
      Hmmm… Honestly, you’ll be surprised that the interior of Argentina isn’t as busy as you’d think. Even places like Mendoza that are touristy don’t seem so tough to avoid crowds. I think you’ll find a lot of cool stuff to see around Salta, and you get a nice mix of landscapes too. Another option might be to go down to Puerto Madryn an see the whales?

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  13. Dear Brendan, We’re planning an 18-day-journey to Argentina. We’re arriving in Benos Aires on 25.12.2013 and are leaving Argentina on 12.01 at 10 pm. We’d like to see a bit of everthing really but we’ll be travelling with our 4-year-old son so the journey mustn’t’t be too exhausting. We can spend a couple of nights on a night bus a but then we’ll need some time to recharge our batteries, too. What’s more, We can’t afford to take more than one or two flights within Argentina. We’d like to spend at least 2 days in Buenos, see Iguazu Falls, Salta, Cordoba, Mendoza, Bariloche and Perito Moreno Glacier. One day on the beach (e.g. Mar del Plata) would be nice, too. What would you advise us to do? Thanks in advance for your reply. Cheers!

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    • Hi Kasia,
      Sounds like you’re biting off too much for that amount of time. You basically have 3 weeks to see all of it. And to do it with a 4-year old, it will be exhausting if you try to see it all I think.
      Personally, I think that you might want to consider cutting out Bariloche. Do a round trip to all the other places by bus and then fly down to El Calafate from Buenos Aires. Even that though, it’s go go go. You essentially have 21 day, at least 5-6 of those days will be travel. If you do all these places, you can see them, but you’ll only have a day or two at each. You might want to consider chopping some of your places to see, and rather enjoy what you do see more.

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    • So how did it finally go? Which itinerary did you complete? I also wish to travel similar time span, with a 2,5 year-old + wife:-) Any advice/comments will be highly appreciated! Cheers

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  14. Hi Brendan,
    Thank you for your response. 🙂 We aren’t interested in Whales, but the rest sounds good. With about 13 -14 days, how many days would you recommend at the falls, BA, Salta and Mrndoza? Which order should we visit the places?


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    • You’ll need 2 days at the falls probably, especially if you’re hoping to go to the Brazilian side as well. I’d say 3 days in BA, 3 days in Salta, and 3 in Mendoza. That’s 11 days which gives you 3 days left for travel days.

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  15. Hi Brendan!
    If you had 14 days, would you stick with just Argentina (as in the above itineraries)? Would you recommend including Chile or any other countries? If so, how would you change your 14 day itinerary (i.e. what would you take out)? Also, how expensive should we expect flights to be from Boston or NY in December? Any advice on minimizing airline costs?
    Thank you so much!

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    • Anica,
      Stick with just Argentina if you only have 14 days. It’s too much distance to cover otherwise.
      As for flights, they vary so wildly. NY is much cheaper usually. Check kayak for the best prices in general. I’m guessing December is expensive, you’re probably looking at a $1200 round trip. I usually book 2-3 month in advance for the best prices. Also, tuesday-thursday are generally the cheapest flights.

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  16. Hi Brendan,
    Do you think this is a good itinerary as far as time to see everything. We will be flying from city to city.
    Arrive Argentina March 12
    Buenos Aires 13
    Buenos Aires 14
    Fly to Iguazu Falls March 15 arrive 9:25
    Explore falls March 16
    Fly to Salta 17
    Horeback ride 18
    Horseback ride 19
    Fly to Mendoza 20
    Wine tour 21
    Thermal baths 22
    Fly to Peninsula Valdez 23
    Whale watch 24
    See seals etc. 25
    Fly to Buenos AIRES 26
    Fly home 27 at 10:30pm

    Is there more to see in Valdez. Should I fly back to Buenos aires on the 27th. Can you recommend tours in Valdez and Mendoza

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    • Hi Brendan,

      Actually we are going to Cordoba to horseback ride not Salta.

      Thanks for looking at this,


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    • Hi Brian, sounds solid!
      If you’re flying that’s really a good itinerary and gives you a great cross-section of Argentina.
      As for PV, I’ve never been so I can’t really comment on that. Also, I never did a tour in Mendoza aside for a bicycle winery tour (yes, that’s a thing). However, I assure you they are very well set up there and whatever hotel you are at can help arrange things no problem!
      Have fun!

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  17. My boyfriend and I will be in Argentina this December 14 – January 1. We are high action / high energy people and want to do as much as possible, planning to spend a few days in Buenos Aires as the last stop for NYE. We also definitely want to do a few days in El Calafate (ice treck) but are having trouble deciding between the rest.. Should we do Bariloche or Mendoza (or both?).. or should we absolutely not miss Iguazu and what else pairs well with this? Is Ushuia a must see if we’re going to El Calafate?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    • Hey Kelly,

      It’s tough for such a short time because the distances are so huge in Argentina.
      My recommendation is that the 3 must-sees for someone who likes a bit of adventure are Calafate, and Iguazu. BA for NYE is sweet too, but don’t be surprised that Argentineans actually don’t go as hard on NYE as they do Christmas (was weird for me too). But yeah, if I only had 14 days I’d do Iguazu (2 days there), Calafate, and BA. You can do Bariloche too if you don’t mind racing a bit. Mendoza is cool too, but a fair distance from your other stops. Be warned, the month of Dec is packed with tourists both foreign and Argentinean. Be sure to book your accommodation and transportation as far in advance as you can.

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      • Thank you so much for the quick reply! We will actually be there for 18 days so I think we’ll definitely be able to fit in Bariloche. Not too surprised on your Xmas comment – I was in Spain for Easter and it was nuts! Given we are doing Bariloche – do you think we should also do El Chalten for hiking or will we get enough of our nature fix? Do you suggest any day trips in BA to Uruguay or do you suggest spending a night or two in Las Pampas?

        Other than the falls do you recommend anything else up near Iguazu?

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        • Kelly,
          A trip to Uruguay is great if you can. The problem tends to be that the ferry system is a bit of a pain in the ass. It’s slow and that time of year a bit of a zoo. If you do go there do an overnight stay in Colonia, which is beautiful. In Dec, there’s not much you want to do around Iguazu. It’s HOT like 40 degrees celcius hot. The Pampas are ok, but I think you’re better off spending your time elsewhere. If you can squeeze in El Chalten, do it, it’s amazing.

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  18. (Sorry I forgot to check the ‘notify me by email’ box – the comment below is identical!

    Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for such detailed advice! My 2 girlfriends from University and I are going to South America for 2 months, and I was wondering if you could help us figure out the 2nd half of our trip! We will be in Uyuni, Bolivia around 5th Feb 2014, from there we have 3 weeks to see Argentina, we fly out on 27th Feb.

    We really really want to see Iguazu, and Puerto Madryn. I know Puerto Madryn is pretty far away, but we really want to see some of Patagonia, especially as this time of year is meant to be amazing there, and perfect for wildlife spotting (so I’ve heard)! We would also like to spend 2-3 days in Buenos Aires before our flight.

    So far, our proposed plan is to take a bus to Salta, then to go Iguazu, then to Puerto Madryn, then back to Buenos Aires. We are expecting to take buses mostly, unless we find seriously good deals on flights! Do you think we’d be rushing around too much trying to traverse this huge country in such a relatively short period of time? What would you suggest, in terms of the route to take, or alternative things to see?
    WE would very much appreciate your advice!

    Julia, Flora and Caroline, Cambridge, UK

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    • Haha, I’m laughing so hard right now because I didn’t read your name and was like “wow, this dude is travelling with BOTH his girlfriends!”. Excuse my silliness.
      Anyways, as to your question. No, you’re not going to be racing around too much. Just take the overnight buses, you’ll be amazed how good they are in Argentina; you’ll get a hot meal and even some wine (sometimes champagne as well), and the seats go way back. It’s easy to sleep on them… well, as easy as it gets, I suppose.
      You’re plan is pretty spot on, although, as you mentioned, getting to PM is a bit of a mission. I used to run overland tours in Argentina and we’d do the same route that you’re planning except that we went down to Mendoza and then across. Puerto Madryn is amazing that time of year, and there should be lots of whale activity.
      But yeah, short answer, I think you’ll be fine. My guess is you’ll be leaving Salta about Feb 10-11th? then you need 2 nights in Iguazu (3 if you’re doing the Brazilian side too).
      Honestly, I think you could find a way to fit Mendoza in there too… BUT, it would mean a lot of bus time, for sure.
      Anyways, shoot any other Qs you may have, I’m happy to help.

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  19. Hi Brendan,

    Awesome site! My gf and I are planning to travel to Argentina in October and will most likely have about 10 days to travel. We want to fly into BA, but aren’t sure whether we should just go to Iguazu Falls or El Calafate to see the glaciers. Neither of us have ever been to South America so any advice would be appreciated. It seems from reading other comments we really have to choose one or the other (falls or glaciers) due to time constraints. If you could only do one, which would you choose?

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    • Oh god. That’s like choosing between two kids. Both are amazing, and completely different. If you can do both, you should as those are the top 2 things in Argentina. If you have to choose, probably Iguazu just because the weather is better there than Calafate that time of year.

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      • Hmmm ok, maybe we’ll have to find a way to extend the trip. 🙂

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  20. Hi Brendan,
    I love your site, it is so helpful! My fiancé and I are planning to go to Argentina for our honeymoon in late September/October. We definitely have 3 weeks, but may be able to get a couple of extra days. We are keen to see as much as possible but do want to relax at some point as it is our honeymoon afterall!

    Our rough plans are below, would you be happy to share your thoughts on our plans? Would you recommend bus travel for some parts rather than flights? Also, could you recommend anywhere for some beach time at the end of the trip for the time of year we are travelling? I know Argentina isn’t great for beaches so appreciate we may have to fly somewhere else.

    Another option we thought of was switching the trip around so our last part is the Selva area and spending some relaxing time in the wine regions maybe? However, I was concerned that September may not be the best time of year for the glacier. Is there anything else your would recommend?

    Apologies for all the questions, but any help is greatly appreciated for a stressed out groom to be! 😉

    Day 1 Fly to BA from London, Uk
    2-3 BA
    4 Fly to igu
    5-6 igu
    7 Fly to Salta
    8-12 Salta
    13 Fly to EC via BA
    14-15 EC
    16 Fly to BA
    17-21 Home/Beach??


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    • Hi Stu,
      Looks good to me, mate. I’d recommend flying if the price is right, the distances are big in Argentina and you’d be doing a lot of overnight buses otherwise. As for a beach, you’re right, the beaches in Argentina aren’t just “not good” they are terrible! HOWEVER, a great option is to catch the ferry to Montevideo from Buenos Aires (or fly) and go to Punta del Este which has a number of great beaches. Although, remember that in September it’s still winter and it may be quite cold still. You’re also right about the glaciers, it’s winter and it’s cold and snowy that time of year, they’re best seen in the spring months. Mendoza, however, is great that time of year and wine country is sweet. I think for a honeymoon, staying out on a vineyard in Mendoza would be a great option.
      Let me know should you have more questions about Argentina, mate!
      Best of luck, and congrats!

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  21. I am planning a trip from the west coast of the US to Argentina in November. I have three weeks and would love a taste of most everything. I was thinking of your Itinerary 6, but was thinking of replacing Puerto Madryn with perito moreno glacier as it seems to pop up quite a bit in travel recs. Any thoughts?

    Great site, thanks.


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    • Yup, good idea. I’d do just that if you have the time and don’t mind the long bus ride. Moreno Glacier is a natural wonder and a must-see in Argentina. I might even say it’s the #1 thing to see in Argentina.

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  22. Hi
    I really want to do BA – Salta – Iguzu Falls – Bariloche – BA

    I can’t find an itinerary for this anywhere. Is there a reason for this? I will probably be traveling mainly by buses,

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    • Just that I never did that route Alison. It’s definitely possible. In fact, you’ll find a massive amount of people do this trip. I think it would make more sense to build your itinerary like: BA – Bariloche – Salta – Iguazu Falls – BA though. It’s just less criss-crossing, and shorter bus rides in Argentina.

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  23. Hi I’m heading to Argentina in November for 15 days to visit my brother in Buenos Aires. While I’m there I plan to check out the county as much as possible. Obviously go to iguazu falls for a few days and then tossing up between salta and uruguay. I was planning to fly to salta but as I’ll be travelling solo I’m not sure if it will be a bit boring going on long drives by myself…
    Any tips on good tours/places to stay etc in the salta region?

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  24. Hi Brendan,
    Thank you for all your itineraries. I found them very helpful. I’m planning a trip to Peru and Argentina next August. I have 31 days in total. I want to do Inca Trail, see the falls and Patagonia area. I would like to go to the south most point in Argentina. I’m not very interested in cultures or wineries. I’m more into nature stuff.
    How do I allocate the time between Peru and Argentina? Do I have enough time to see Argentina? Which route do you recommend?


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  25. My plan in Argentina is:
    Arriving in Buenos Aires, day tour in the city, watch Tango show
    Take day trip to Uruguay
    Fly to Puerto Iguazu, visit the falls
    Return to BA
    Fly to El Calafate, visit Perito Mireno Glacier
    Bus to Ushuaia, visit Parque National Tierra Del Fuego, glacier, ski (can we ski in August?), see penguins
    Go to Rio Galegos
    Go to Puerto Madryn
    Return to BA

    Is this route feasible? How many days will I need?



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    • Hi Ann,
      All sounds perfectly feasible to me. Might be a bit cold down South in August though. I’ve never been around Perito Moreno in August, so I’m not sure the situation there. I image it’s ok though. Best to double check first. As for skiing, it’s dependent on the snow, of course. But usually, there is snow in August and it’s a good time to ski.
      As for days? It really depends on how rushed you want to be. I’d say a minimum of 12-14, although you probably want even a bit more time.

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  26. Hi Brendan – My husband and myself are planning to make a trip to Argentina. We like nature and to do different things. Not much of city people but dont mind one day in the city. Can you suggest an itenary for 7 days?


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  27. Good afternoon!
    Many thanks for lots of useful information!!!
    All the suggested itineraries sound amazing and so hard to choose something!
    We are planning to visit Argentina on December 21 – January 1, so we will have effectively only 10-11 days to explore the country.
    Could you please recommend the best must-see places both on the North and the South (we arrive to Buenos Aires) – Patagonia is really really attractive and unique I think, but i’m not sure about the weather and still want to spend some time in a warmer climate:)

    Have read about Iguazu + El Calafate in one of your previuos comments. We’ve been to Iguazu already during our trip to Brazil and visited Argentinian side as well, both are awesome!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!

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  28. I have 17 – 19 days in Argentina from buenos aires. I have a flight out of BA to Mendoza at the end of the 17 days so don’t want to include that in the 17 days.

    I would like to fill in the 17 days leaving BA and going back to BA. Would like at least 3 days there at the beginning and end. What would you suggest I do to fill that in? Would like to do buses but not for longer that 6 hours at a time. So stopping in villages along the way. Ideally would like Patagonia. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    • Hi Michelle,
      Basically everything in Argentina is longer than 6 hours in a bus. You might have to look into flights, especially if you’re trying to get into Patagonia. Depending on the time of the year, Bariloche, El Calafate, and El Chalten might fill up your time.

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  29. hi Brendan

    Thank you for a wonderful site and for being so helpful with comments.

    We are a early 30’s couple travelling to Argentina for 20 days in February 2015. I did some preliminary research and based on the weather and our interests, we have very broadly decided to cover Buenos Aires & Patagonia (ie your itinerary 4). We plan to take internal flights wherever possible.

    Had some questions:
    1) Is it easy to also do Torres del Paine either as a round trip from El Calafate? Is Torres del Paine different from El Chalten/El Calafate hiking?

    2) Should we try to cover Puntas Arenas too? I’ve heard the cruise from Tierra del fuego to puntas arenas over the Strait of Magellan is meant to be v good, but takes 1-2 days- I will be missing it in the above itinerary and probably wont be able to add it to any future trip as i would have done these places?

    3) Someone suggested that we could skip Peninsula Valdes since the whales wont be present in Feb. What do you think?

    4) We plan to spend 5 days in BA. Should we do BA at the start of the trip or at the end, taking into account weather, high season etc?

    5) Do we need a tour operator or can I plan it myself? We usually prefer the latter.

    Thanks so much!!

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    • Hi Mate,
      Some quick answers to your questions. Hope they help:
      1) For Torres del Paine you need to start in Puerto Arenas. However, the bus does go from El Calafate to there, so if that’s what you mean, yes it’s possible. Torres del Paine is an amazing hike and depending on which one you do can be extremely different to the other hikes. You can do 4 days, 7 days or just 2 days, depending on what you want to see. Most people do what is called the W.
      2) I loved Puerto Arenas, and if you’re doing Torres del Paine, you’ll need to go there. I’ve not done the cruise down the coast, but, like you, I’ve heard it’s amazing. I’m planning on returning and doing the trip down that coast this coming year. But, yeah, I guess you’ve got to decide if you’ve got time. In 20 days, you really can’t do everything – especially if you’re trying to do some hiking – you’ve really got to pick and choose your adventures.
      3) If the whales aren’t in Valdes, yeah, you might as well skip it. It’s nice, but the real reason people go is for the whales.
      4) Personally, I think 5 days in BA is a lot. You can really see all the sights in 2 days. You’re likely not going to see much difference in whether or people that time of year whether you do it at the start or end. Maybe check the Carnival dates because it will be calmer in town if Carnival is on in Brazil. The temperatures are hot basically all of Feb.
      5) You can do it yourself. Absolutely, it’s a fairly easy country to travel independently and most people do.

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  30. Hi Brendan,
    First thanks for setting up this websitre , my wife and I are planning to spent some time in Argnetina from mid-January to April , including a quick detour to Uruguay and Chili. We’ve look at your itinaries 1 and 2 and we feel like if we combine both of them, we will have a wonderfull trip in Argentina.
    Now , I understand that the busses system and planes are a good way to travel in the country but the fact that time is not the essence for us , would you recommnend that we rent a car for that period of time ? if so , do you know any long term car rental company that you may suggest we do business with? One more question, on an average , how much money in US$ should we expect to pay for one night accomodation in a 3 stars hotel across the country?

    tks in advance for all the help

    Denis & Celine

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    • Hi Denis,
      I’ve never rented a car down there, aside from one day in southern Argentina, so I don’t really know about the prices, distances, or crossing borders. However, I imagine it would be alright. They don’t drive terribly in Argentina, and getting around should be fine if you get a GPS.
      That said, in parts of the country the distances are massive and the bus system is really good. Of course, anywhere there isn’t a bus, the taxis are also really cheap, so it’s not really necessary. Of course, having the freedom of a rental car would be nice.
      Hope that helps a bit?

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  31. Hi,

    What’s the best way to book flights before arriving in the country please?


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    • Emma, in Argentina it’s best to book online direct with the airlines, I think.

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  32. Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for your great tips! A few friends and I are booking 17 days in Argentina and have really relied on your expertise. We are hoping to build BA, Mendoza, Bariloche, and Calafate into our itinerary – maybe other spots as well. Any thoughts here?

    What bus company do you recommend? We’ve run into problems with the bus company websites not showing any routes between Bariloche, Calafate, and Ushuaia. I’ve looked at and Are there any better?

    Thank you!

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    • Hi Anne,
      Wish I could help more with the bus tickets. But, honestly, the last time I was in Buenos Aires you couldn’t even get tickets online, you had to go to the bus station. Thus, might pay to just head to the bus station to see what’s available.

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  33. Thanks for this great reference material. I’ve just begun working out an itinerary for Argentina. We’re planning a to visit in December. Like some who’ve written, we’re not high end travelers, keep cost down at hotels, use AIRBNB and the like so we can use the money elsewhere. Our time is limited but could take 18 days or so. I’ve read that Iguazu Falls is unnecessary; seen one falls you’ve seen them all. I disagree but what’s your opinion? What about the wine country? We’ve been to Napa, the south of Australia and I could see us skipping that area. What do you think?

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    • I disagree about Iguazu completely, as well. I tell people to spend two days. One full day on the Argentina side and a half day on the Brazilian side. It’s amazing and every view of the falls is different. I think wine country is awesome. Mendoza is so different than other wine countries. I mean, where else can you go on a bicycle winery tour?

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  34. Hello Brendan!

    I happened to wander across your website which is awesome because I am traveling to Argentina from Brazil because of my visa… I will fly into BA, take a bus to Rosario and spend a couple days there… and then head up to the falls, eventually crossing back into Brazil on the border near the falls. We were planning on doing 10 days in Buenos Aires with maybe a day trip to Uruguay (Although I don’t know if we should do an overnight trip there instead of a day trip… depending if Montevideo is worth the 2 hour drive), then about 2 days in Rosario, and the rest of the days (I think 5) up on the borders of the falls. I was planning on doing 2 days on the Argentina side, 1 day on the Brazilian side and 1 day to the ruinas jesuit missions… First of all, is that a good itinerary or should I add/remove some time there? And my main question is, can you tell me the bus companies from Rosario to Puerto Iguazu? I can only see from Buenos Aires and I don’t want to take the bus from there until the Falls. Any help? I need to know ASAP!

    Thanks so much for taking time to read this!

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    • Hi Emily,
      Personal opinion is that you only need 1 day on the Argentina side of the falls. 2 days is probably overkill.
      Montevideo probably isn’t worth a day trip from Buenos Aires, however, Colonia del Sacramento definitely is. I’d consider doing that.
      As for the bus company, I really don’t know. You’ll have to go to the bus station when you get to Rosario and check. I haven’t been through Argentina in over 3 years, so I can’t get you updated info on the buses. I’ll be back in the area this year, so hopefully I’ll be able to update this guide then.
      Best of luck!

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  35. Dear Brendan!
    Thank you for a great site. Gave a lot of ideas throughout my travel in SA. Currently i’m in Tarija, Bolivia and are soon to cross to Argentina. I have around 30 days and wanted to hear your opinion on my itineary. I want to see some things in the north, including Tilcara and Salta. Then heading to Mendoza incl. a hiking trip to Anconcagua. From here it is to Bariloche, then Buenos Aires and then Iguazu for one day at Argentinan side and one day at the Brazilian side. My question is therefore if this is doable in one month? Or maybe too stressed to reach the lakes in Bariloche?

    Hope to get a reply soon! Best of luck with your photography.
    Niklas Dreyer

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    • Hey Niklas,
      I’m glad the guides are helpful.
      Your itinerary totally sounds doable. I’ve heard of people trying to fit all that into 2 weeks. haha.
      You’ll have a blast there in the north of Argentina. I can’t wait to get back there. Only a couple months away.
      Best of luck!

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  36. Hello Brendan,

    Thank you so much for a great website and it so very informative. My husband has a business trip so I plan on joining him after his work is done. I will join him in Buenos Aires end of May arriving on Sat morning and leaving Wed night so a very short trip. We plan on going to see the Iguazu falls, anything else that can be squeezed in. We love Nature and experiencing the culture. Any suggestions on what can be done day wise. Greatly appreciat your help with this.

    Thanks and Regards

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  37. Hi! I’m moving to Sao Paulo, Brazil for a year and am planning a trip to Argenting for XMAS, and ending it in Rio de Janeiro for New Years Eve 2016. How would you split up your time, and in what order would you go to the following cities?

    Buenos Aires
    Iguazu Falls
    Punta del Este
    Rio de Janeiro

    Also, how much time would you spend in each city?


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  39. I will be going to Argentina for a study abroad. I will be spending most of my time in Rosario but I also want to see Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Cordoba

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    • Add Salta to your plans too, if you can. Great city!

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  40. Hi Brendan,

    Your itinerary suggestions are a lifesaver for a last minute trip planner like me! I’m going to Argentina October 30th to November 20th with my boyfriend, I wonder if you could help me with the itinerary?

    So far, we have:

    Buenos Aires
    Iguazu Falls (both sides)
    Florianopolis, Brazil (have to go for a conference)

    From Floripa, leaving on Nov 7, we have 13 days (inclusive) to travel and end up back in BA on Nov 19

    Would love your advice on which of the following to visit, and how much time to spend in each?

    Salta Region

    Thanks 🙂

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    • I’d visit all of them! Probably need 4 days in the Salta Region, 2 days in Mendoza, and 3 days in Bariloche. I haven’t spent much time in Cordoba, so I can’t really give you much advice there. Enjoy, though, you’ll love Argentina and the south of Brazil!

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  41. Hi Brenda

    Hope this finds you well, was hoping for some advise please 🙂 I have to fly into Buenos Aires to meet my brother on the 26 Nov and after that we are going to travel Argentina.

    We are on a 1 month time limit and a bit of a tight budget, so I was hpoing you could help give advise on the best way to go about our trip. Below are a couple of options that I am looking at, Please can you let me know if you thnk there is a better way to go about it or if you think we are going to miss out on anything 🙂

    Option 1:

    BAto Puerto Madryn then bus down to El Calafate, then TDP, then El Chalten, Then make our way up to Bariloche. Then over to Chile Lake District.

    I was looking at the bus schedules from El Calafate to Bariloche and see that the only route back if we dont do Route 40 with Chalten Travel is back up the coast again.


    Or do you think that instead of going from Puerto Madryn down that we should head from Puerto Madryn across country to Bariloche and then head down from there to South Patagonia. El Chalten, El Calafate, then TDP and Then cross over from Torres del Paine into Chile and go back up through Chile?

    If we go back up through Chile what are the highlights we should see and whats the best mode of transport?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂

    Thank you so much,

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    • Hi Tanya,
      Yeah, I vote for Option 2. That’s the way I’ve always done it. I think you see much more by doing it that way.

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      • Thanks Brendan 🙂 So heading from TDP onwards what do you think is the best option to follow? As ideally want to spend some time around the Lake District too.

        What were your highlights in Chile besides TDP?

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  42. Hi Brendon’s can you please recommend a guided tour of Argentina? We can stay for two weeks. Also can you give us a rough idea of the cost of a guided tour?



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    • I always recommend Intrepid Travel or Gecko’s Adventures. You’ll have to check their websites for the prices for Argentina.

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  43. one day in Lima bec of 2 flights in a day from Uk
    (UK – Amsterdam, Lima)

    same day night flight to laz paz

    15 days begin with statravel

    end of tour stop is in Buenos Aires

    One day additional day to explore city – Buenos Aires

    Early Depart Buenos Aires

    that is 18 days

    they possible charge more than £2,200 flights, hotel, breakfasts, transports – is this too much? we hope to look cheaper way if we travel but as being deaf profoundly. we might struggle to get transport re salt flats and atacama desert. thank you in an advance

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  44. Hi we are thinking of spending 10 day in Bariloche , Christmas 2016 for a family reunion. Is ten days too much in Bariloche over Christmas. I sthere another place like Bariloche that is not so busy during Christmas. Thanks Duncan

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    • That’s a lot of time in one place. But, if you’re wanting to go only one place, that’s a great spot for it. Lots to do!

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  45. Hi! This website is such a great find! My husband and I are traveling to BA for a wedding in late March and are making a 2 week adventure out of it. We will be in BA for a few nights but would really like to see the falls and catch some penguins. Recommendations to make that happen? We will be taking flights to get around to save time!

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  46. Hello

    Your replies to everyone’s posts are so helpful, I wonder if you can help me as my plans don’t quite overlap exactly with other posts.

    I am planning a two week trip in April with my boyfriend, but keep getting overwhelmed with choices and how long to stay in each place. We are both quite active and want to find that balance of seeing as much as possible whilst not spending the whole time travelling. We want to see all the spectacular scenery, but do like vibrant city trips. I also don’t want to spend lots on internal flights to find locations aren’t worth it for only a couple of days!

    My must-haves for the trip are below. I have started to guess at how much time we should spend in each place, but that leaves us with a couple of spare nights at least. I was originally trying to fit in Salta too, but I thought that might be too much if only flying in for a day or two. I had planned that we would take internal flights to Iguasu and El Calafate, am I missing out by not looking at Salta/Bariloche/Mendoza/Puerto Madryn. There’s too much!

    Buenos Aires 5 days? (thinking of including a day trip to Uruguay and Tigre Delta)
    Iguasu 2 days
    El Calafate and El Chalten 3-4 days?

    I’ve booked flights landing in BA on Sat 9th and leaving Fri 22nd April.

    Also, any ideas of weather in Iguasu and BA in April? I have checked average temperatures, but have my fingers crossed it will feel quite summery for someone coming from wet England!

    Thanks in advance!


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    • Hi! 5 days in Buenos Aires is a lot. But, if you’re going to go somewhere like Colonia del Sacramento, it is probably about right.
      Iguazu is OK in April. There’s rain there year round. It’s also hot. But, you’re shoulder season so it wont be as hot as January-March. You’ll be fine. Enjoy the trip!

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  47. HI Brendan. This website has great info

    I’m planing a 13 night trip as follow

    Day 1 arrive BA in the morning from NYC
    Day 2. Tour Ba
    Day 3. Fly to el calafate in am
    Day 4 and day 5 el calafate
    Day 6. Fly to Ushuaia in afternoon
    Day 7 Ushuaia
    Day 8 Fly all day from Ushuaia to iguana
    Day 9 Iguana. Leave at 10 pm to fly back to BA
    Day 10, 11, 12, 13, BA
    Day 14. Leave BA at 10:55 pm

    We are going end of April/beginning of May

    Would really appreciate your thoughts


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    • Sounds like you’ve got it sorted pretty well!
      I just hope you’re going to Iguazu and not Iguana. It’d be a rough trip if you found yourself inside a giant lizard! haha 😀
      Safe travels!

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      • That is so funny! Yes Igauzu! That’s what happens when you type late at night on a iPad. I did have one question since its a long flight from Ushuia to Iguazu? Would you forgo Iguazu Fall and instead spend a day or 2 in Bariloche? Not sure what there is to do in Bariloche in May? I know everyone says the Falls are a must-see, but would love your opinion

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        • No, I would go to Iguazu. It is the most incredible waterfall on the planet. Do not miss it.

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  48. Thank you for posting such a helpful and intuitive guide to Argentina. Thank you! Quick question, I am planning a 40th birthday with friends to travel Argentina next year and it will fall in the month of April, which among the itineraries that you listed would be suitable to do weather wise and events wise? Would definitely appreciate your input.

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  49. Hello and thank you for these fantastic outlines. Very helpful and thoughtfully created. My husband and I plan to go there in Jan 2017. Can anyone please recommend local travel agents who could help us with travel and logistics?

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  50. Hi, I have only 8 nights in Argentina which is not ideal, but that’s all I have. what would you recommend? Thanks.

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    • Short trip like that see if you can do Iguazu, Buenos Aires and Barlioche or Mendoza.

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  51. Great itineraries – thank you! My husband and I would like to do Mendoza, Bariloche and Iguazu in the same trip for ~10-12 days this April. Do you think that’s doable (worth the transit time in between)? Where would you fly in/out & in between? We’re looking for best value on the flights, so we have more spending money on the trip. We’re into wine & hiking mainly. Suggestions?

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  52. Thank you so much for this guide! I’ve been looking for one like this for the past few days. I like itinerary 4 – completely patagonia. But patagonia would not be complete without the Chilean section. How would you recommend adding the Chilean part yet covering Rio Gallegos, Puerto Madryn and finally back to Buenos Aires? Time is not an issue, except to do patagonia (torres del paine) before certain parts are closed for winter.

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  53. Amazing website! Thanks for all the tips and recommendations. The sample itineraries are very helpful.

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  54. Hi Brendan! Great information on this site! I’m looking at spending 14 days in Argentina. The main things I would like to do are Iguazu Falls, BA, and Patagonia. Any recommendations on how I could get all this in within that time frame? Am I biting off too much? Thanks!

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  55. If you could only choose between Iguazu falls or Perito Glacier during our 2 week journey in February – I’d like to do both but don’t want to spend the whole trip commuting at the airports. Goal is to travel to Buenos Aires, Mendoza and one or both of the above.

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    • Probably Iguazu if I had to choose. Patagonia needs/deserves a whole trip all together.

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  56. Thank you so much for this guide! very well thought. Me and my husband and me are travelling to Argentina and Chile in January 2018. We are planning for 22-23 days trip . we have BA, Igauzu falls ,el calafate , Ushuaia planned for argentina and yet planning Chile itinerary . which among Salta/Bariloche/Mendoza/Puerto Madryn should we include? There’s too much! Also could you please suggest itinerary/must see for chile?

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  57. Hi Brendan
    What a great website! Thank you. I wanted to ask your advice / get your help if you don’t mind. I have done a bit of research but am a bit stuck as I seem to be doing most routes backwards. I am in SA and have travelled to Buenes Aires & Patagonia. I have today arrived in La Paz. I will be doing the salt flats tour starting in Uyuni and ending in San Pedro. I plan to stay 2/3 days in San Pedro. From this point I am a bit stuck. I need to be in Santiago for my fight home on 16 Dec 2017. I know that between finishing up in San Pedro (around 17 Nov) and flying out of Santiago (so around 4 weeks) I want to visit Mendoza, Calafate and Valparaiso. The rest I am happy to explore. Do you have any suggested routes and other destinations that I should visit? Need helping adding places and joining the dots. I plan to take the bus and stay in hostels – I am travelling alone as a 30 yr female and whilst I want to meet people and socialise, I am much more interested in seeing places so happy to include a fair bit of bus travel. In Mendoza I hear you can do horse riding, rafting and other outdor activities – do you have any recommendations for the best place to base myself for this?

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  58. Hi Brendan,

    Super helpful information. My husband & I plan to honeymoon in Argentina & likely can only do 15 days or so in late September.
    We have our hearts set on BA, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, and Bariloche… However, after reading your suggestions about Salta, I wanted to get your advice on whether we should swap a destination or have time to add it in. Also, your suggested route would be greatly appreciated!
    We really can’t wait 🙂 Only problem is so many places to see, so little time!

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