Rio Gallegos

Rio Gallegos is by no stretch of the imagination a rich tourist destination.  At the moment the few travelers that find themselves here do so only as a break between destinations in Patagonia.  That being said, over the past couple of years Rio Gallegos has been making a fairly significant push to capitalize on its fair share of the Patagonia tourism pie.  Rio Gallegos is trying its best to draw people to the area claiming itself as the trout fishing capital of Argentina.

Rio Gallegos

Rio Gallegos

What to do in Rio Gallegos

The main things to do in Rio Gallegos all revolve around wildlife and nature.  There is a large penguin colony that calls an area south of the city home in the Summer months.  The other thing, as I mentioned in the intro is to take part in a trout fishing trip.  Both tours can be organized from town quite easily.

Where to Eat in Rio Gallegos

I only stayed in Rio Gallegos one night.  As such, I didn’t spend a lot of time racing around for food.  There were a number of places to eat along the main street, which is Avenida San Martin (as it is in so many Argentinean cities).  I went for a quite bite at a cheap pizza joint which was a very nice change from the pound after pound of thick Argentine steaks I had been eating prior.

Where to Stay in Rio Gallegos

There aren’t all that many backpacker’s hostels in Rio Gallegos.  I stayed at a place called Hotel Covadonga where I paid about 20us$ for a private room without a bathroom.

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