The big draw for backpackers to Rosario has always been the fact that it is the birthplace of Ernesto “Che” Guevera. However, those who visit quickly find out that there is much more to this city of over one million than simply being Che’s hometown. The once fading city center has recently seen a revival to the point where it is now a hub for culture and arts.   The vibe of Rosario is about as chilled out as anywhere in Argentina and the wealth of interesting architecture will definitely keep the photographer’s attention.  So stop into Rosario to take in some of this history or head down to the Rio Parana to explore the islands and you’ll find that there is a charm to the city that is not easily explained.

Rosario, Argentina

Rosario, Argentina


Things to do in Rosario

  • Museums, Parks and Plazas: There is a good mix of cultural things to do in Rosario.  The Museum del Parana, along the river, is laden with impressive murals and other art.  In the center of town the Plaza 25 de Mayo, where it is said that the current Argentine flag was created, is an impressive and worthwhile visit.  Last but not least, If you want to visit “Che” Guevera’s you’ll have to see it from the outside.  The apartment building is privately own and no one gets in.  If you want to visit his family home you can do so in Cordoba.
  • The Islands: Within the Parana River there are a number of reclaimed islands that have been turned into parks.  You can catch boats from the water station (Estacion Fluvial) or you can also book a cruise through one of the many agencies.
  • Kayaking:  If you would like to explore the river by yourself you can also rent kayaks and tour along the calm waters by yourself.  Kayak tours can also be arranged for about 30us$ for a half day tour.

Where to Eat in Rosario

Like everywhere else in Argentina the name of the cuisine is parrilla, however in Rosario they seem to do it bigger than everyone.  Dinner time is a big deal in the city and dinning out seems to almost be a local pastime.  Along Avenida Carlos Pellerini you will find the majority of restaurants, nearly all of which offer the option of parrilla.  I ate out every night I spent in Rosario because I found the value of eating out to be very good.  On a recommendation I had the parrilla at Lo Mejor del Centro the first night which only cost me about 10US$ including a half bottle of wine.

Where to Stay in Rosario

When I was in Rosario I stayed at a hostel called Punto Clave, which I chose because, well, they have a pool.  The hostel was very nice and had a good atmosphere, and the pool was needed to fend off the summer heat.  Also, I got a private room for around 15US$, you can’t beat that.


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Rosario, Argentina

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