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I had a long absence from Asia before making my return.  Though I had always really wanted to go back to Japan – which was really my first travel experience on an exchange as a 13-year-old – the rest of Asia really didn’t sit high on my list.  I studied Latin America and West Africa in university, and it really took me exploring every inch of those places before I was again ready to return to Asia.  After arriving, I quickly started to wonder what took me so long.  Sure, places like Thailand are completely over-visited, but likely worthy of the activity. The best part though, travel gems like Mongolia, Burma, and the Stans remain completely under-visited and are ripe for exploration.

map of asia

With an incredible amount of diversity in regards to the type of travel experiences available in Asia, it’s no wonder that so many people keep coming back to this region of the world.

These sets of travel guides are divided into five sections, for ease of navigation.  I have split them into Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Far East Asia, India & Region, and The Middle East.

The travel guides aren’t meant to be complete in depth guides with everything possible to do/eat/see/stay in the each of the places described.  Rather, these Asia travel guides are descriptions of the places I saw, the things I did, and the places I ate.  I think they’ll reflect better what the average tourist has the time to see and gives a bit of insight on my experience.  They will also include alternate information for activities available, and places to stay.  Since I travel on the budget side of life, expect that the majority of the places described are value destinations and activities.

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