Far East Asia

In the minds of many, Far East Asia is the place where traditions hold strong; it’s the place where culture still takes hold and the ways of life are still ancient.  Instead, what travellers to the far east of Asia find is that long gone is much of the ancient world.  It’s been replaced by traffic jams, people that have their faces in their smartphones 24/7, and a general white noise caused by such a mass of people.

However, it would be completely ignorant to lump all these countries into one.  There are few places more different from country to country than Far East Asia.  From Japan to North Korea to Hong Kong, all countries in this region of the world are incredibly diverse and almost incomparable to one and other.  And well the old ways of life might be gone in each of them, they still all hold that charm we so often image.  Of course, these days we have to dig a lot deeper to find it.

Destination Guides for Far East Asia

East Asia Map

  • China
  • Hong Kong (coming soon)
  • Japan (coming soon)
  • Macau (coming soon)
  • Mongolia
  • North Korea (coming soon)
  • South Korea (coming soon)
  • Taiwan (coming soon)
  • Tibet (coming soon)

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