Mongolia Travel Guide

The tale of Mongolia is really one of 2 stories.  On one hand, there is Ulaanbaatar, a city striving to be metropolitan well a massive influx of people from the countryside makes it a bit hard for a bit of the rural life not to weave its way into the mood.  The capital is busy, dirty, and lacks anything tourists come to Mongolia to find.  However, the expat life in Ulaanbaatar is also much stronger than most westerners would imagine it to be.  The heart of Mongolia, however, lies in the countryside.  It stands firmly in places like the Gobi desert, the national parks, and the hills, lakes, and flats that make this country such a sought after destination.

In many ways, Mongolia is one of the last “raw” destinations on the planet.  The world’s least densely populate  country is changing quickly though.  With a boom in mining earnings, Mongolia is developing quickly.  However, even with the rise in earnings and the improving infrastructure in the country, it’s not hard to get out into a world that feels to take visitors back to a simpler time.  Mongolia is rapidly changing.  With new highways, hotels, and tourist camps sprouting up every day, the time to visit Mongolia is now.

Map of Mongolia

Highlights: Khusvgal Lake, Gobi Desert, Yol Valley
Backpacker’s Budget: 60-70USD per day

Destination Guides

  • Central Mongolia (Coming Soon)
  • Gorkhi-Terelj National Park (Coming Soon)
  • The Gobi Desert
  • Ulaanbaatar (Coming Soon)

Mongolia Travel Information

  • General Travel Information for Mongolia (Coming Soon)
  • Organizing a Tour in Mongolia (Coming Soon)
  • Getting a Visa for Mongolia in Hong Kong (Coming Soon)
  • Getting from China to Mongolia on a Budget
  • Photos from Mongolia (Coming Soon)

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