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If you’ve been following this travel blog for a long time, you know I’ve often taken shots at backpackers that travel Southeast Asia.  However, it’s not really that I didn’t enjoy the prospects of exploring the region, it just seems that everyone and their cat writes travel articles about Southeast Asia.  I swear, if I read another “I travelled to Thailand and Found Myself” type blog article, I will cry.  The problem lies not in the region – which is vastly interesting and full of wonder – the problem lies in the fact that such a huge number of people come to this region to lay on a beach and drink, nothing more.

Map of Southeast Asia

Still, there are loads of really great travellers in Southeast Asia, and I could only go for so long before finally diving in and exploring the region.  What I have found are beautiful people, incredibly diverse travel opportunities, and a wealth of opportunity to learn from the world around here.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have travelled so much, and though Southeast Asia might be a travel destination for beginners, I can’t help but feel like a rookie all over again exploring this vastly unique part of the world.

Below, you’ll find my set of travel guides for Southeast Asia, divided by country.  These aren’t your typical guidebook guides.  They aren’t meant to be all-encompassing.  Rather, they describe my experiences, what I did, where I stayed, and where I ate, and include other options as well.  If you have something to include, or think should be included, please comment on the respective guide.

  • Burma (Coming Soon)
  • Cambodia (Coming Soon)
  • Indonesia
  • Laos (Coming Soon)
  • Malaysia (Coming Soon)
  • Thailand (Coming Soon)
  • Vietnam (Coming Soon)

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