Indonesia: A Travel Guide

With its incredible volcanic ranges, wild orangutans, and stunning beaches, Indonesia doesn’t get nearly enough attention in comparison to its fellow Southeast Asian brethren.  Aside from the completely overrun area of South Bali, Indonesia is still a quiet travel destination.  But I imagine that with the vast amount of incredibly unique experiences, it can’t stay like that for too long.  It has the budget appeal of places like Thailand, and has the beauty to hold it’s own as well.

At the moment, it seems as if the only thing that’s really holding Indonesia back from becoming a real power in travel is its distance from the usual tourist haunts of Southeast Asia and some positive press.  At the moment, the media leans negatively towards Indonesia focusing on terrorism, serious waste management issues, and other infrastructure issues.  However, I can’t imagine that remaining the case for too long as Indonesia seems primed to develop into a real power player in the region.

Map of Indonesia

Below, listed by city, are the travel guides for each destination in Indonesia as well as some more general articles on travel in the country.  As always, these guides are a constant work in progress and new destinations will be added as I travel to them.

Indonesia Destination Guides

General Travel Information for Indonesia

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