Lovina and North Bali

It’s amazing how different North Bali is to South.  Well in the south, tourists roam in packs and all the sites and beaches seem to be over-run, the North of Bali is still pretty tame.  Sure, it’s beaches are black volcanic sand which isn’t nearly as appealing, but at least they’re not covered in garbage.  There are some fun things to do in the north as well.  From relaxing by the sea to hiking into some beautiful waterfalls, there is plenty to keep you occupied in the Lovina area.  I really enjoyed my time on this side of the island, and I think you will too.

Time Needed: 2-3 Days
Backpacker’s Budget: 30USD

Lovina Beach

The beach in front of Gede’s Guesthouse in Lovina

Things to Do and See in Lovina and North Bali

  • Rent a Scooter: Most guesthouses and hotels here will rent scooters for about 40,000-50,000Rp a day.  It’s definitely a good way to go as you’ll need transport to get to most of the sights beyond the beaches.
  • The Beach: Lovina is essentially a stretch of black volcanic sand beach that extends a dozen or so kilometers.  Though it’s as much a fisherman’s beach as it is a tourist beach, it still makes for a decent place to lounge.
  • Hot Springs: In the town of Banjar, about 30 down the coast from Lovina, there are some decent hot springs.
  • Munduk Falls: If you have wheels you can get to this waterfall via the Hot Springs.  It really is worth the trek, and the drive is beautiful.
  • Pura Bratan (temple): This temple on Beratan Lake is a bit over-rated, but it does make for some cool photos and is worth a visit.  There are also paddle boats on the lake, if you feel the need to get out there.
  • Git Git Falls: If you’re trying to make a day-trip loop of all the above items, Git Git is on the main highway back down towards Lovina.  You can’t miss the signs for it on the right hand side.  There are two very cool waterfalls here, one of which you can swim under.
  • Scuba Diving: There is some decent reef in the area, but it’ll take an hour’s drive from Lovina to get you there.  Nearly all hotels will be able to organize it for you.
  • Snorkeling: In Lovina, there is some accessible reef not too far off the beach, but it’s not great.
  • Dolphin Tours: One of the most heavily sold tours out here is to see the dolphins, though sightings aren’t always had.
  • Fishing: Out past the reef, there is really good fishing.  Mahi-Mahi is the big catch here.
Munduk Falls

This is Munduk Falls

Where to Eat in Lovina and North Bali

All of the guesthouses offer food, so you wont have to go far to get some grub.  Out where we stayed, there were 4 restaurants next to each other all serving the same sort of fare.  You won’t have trouble finding food, and most places serve the same sort of thing.  In Lovina, there is an Indosatmart which has some basic groceries if you need them.

Where to Stay in Lovina and North Bali

There are quite a few options for accommodation here and chances are you can just rock up and find a place for the night.  In Lovina itself there is a bit more of a lively mood, whereas if you stay down the beach a bit it’s much ore quiet.

  • Gede’s Bungalows: Up the beach and near the Perama Tours office, this place really is nice.  The rooms are big, but basic and the staff is always helpful.  We got a big double room with hot water and a private bath for 150,000Rp ($14US). Rooms with A/C were an extra 50,000Rp

Bratan Temple

Getting out of Town

There’s no bus station in Lovina itself, but it’s not hard to catch transport.  If you’re coming from Ubud or Kuta, you might want to jump on with Perama Tours who have a shuttle service.  If you’re trying to get across to the ferry and Ketapeng, you’ll need to either head to the main road and flag down a white or red minivan (50,000Rp p/p), or hire a private car (250,000Rp).

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