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If there is a country with more natural wonder than Brazil I have yet to find it. There are so many natural sights and destinations in the country that it would seem impossible to see them all; although those who try to have a whole lot of fun doing so. In the south you will find the wildlife playground of the Pantanal, which is the most bio-diverse place on the planet, or you can simply relax on the beautiful beaches around Parati, Florianopolis and Rio. In the North of the country you can experience the Amazon rain forest to its fullest in Manaus, or explore the wonderful coastline from Salvador da Bahia all the way up to Fortaleza.

One couldn’t begin to describe Brazil, however, without talking about the incredible culture, rich history and the beauty of the people in this Portuguese speaking country. Brazil’s natural landscapes and soft sand beaches might be what draws people to the country, but it is the charm and warmth of the people that will make you never want to leave. Be sure to give yourself enough time to explore, because this country will always make you feel like there is much more to see than you have time for.

Budget: 40-55 US$ / day
Highlights: Rio de Janeiro, The Pantanal, Salvador da Bahia

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