Boa Vista

I’m not sure that there is much reason to visit the city of Boa Vista unless you are on route to Venezuela, Manaus. or Guyana and need a place to stay for the night.  The city is fairly developed and you will find just about anything you need in the many shops downtown. If you are heading to Venezuela remember, this is your last chance to draw out foreign currency.  If you’re drawing for Venezuelan bank machines you will get a rate half of what it really is, so be sure to pack as much cash into the country as you possibly can.  If you’re heading to Guyana, Boa Vista is almost a compulsory stop as there are few places to stay closer to the border. Buses run daily to Manaus.

Where to Eat in Boa Vista

If you plan on staying near the bus station there isn’t a whole lot available for eating options.  In fact, most that live around here simply head over to the bus station to grab snacks from the vendors.  There is a Brazilian barbecue across from the bus station, near the internet cafe, but it is only open at dinner hours.

Where to Stay in Boa Vista

Staying close to the bus station is a must for most of the travelers staying in Boa Vista and that’s not a problem at all.  Directly across the street from the bus terminal, on the road that runs into a T intersection in front of the bus station, there is a residencial that offers simple but comfortable rooms with fans and private bathrooms for about 12US$.


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