Curitiba is one of the most advanced cities in the entire world, although very few people have even ever heard of it.  Over the past forty years or so Curitiba has invented itself as a leader in sustainability.  The cities features some of the most advanced and innovative systems of transit, recycling and environmentalism not only in all of Brazil, but in the entire world.  To this day many cities use Curitiba as their model for sustainable development, and those who take the time to visit soon see why.  Although the city isn’t a prime tourism destination it is worth a couple days of exploration.

Time Needed: 1-3 days
Budget: 40-50 US$

Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba, Brazil

Things to do in Curitiba

  • The Old Quarter: For a city that is so modern it is nice to see that the old quarter has been maintained.  You’ll also find great bars and places to eat in this district.
  • Botanical Gardens: Curitiba has the perfect climate for growing beautiful gardens.  These botanical gardens are well maintained and a nice stop for the flower lovers out there.
  • Rua das Flores: More flowers.  This walk way is beautifully manicured, and lined with flowers, nice shops and some good restaurants
  • Train to the Coast: Normally people take this train journey as a way to get to the popular destination of Ilha do Mel, but you can also do it as a day trip.  Take the early morning train to the coast and then hop on a bus back to Curitiba in the afternoon.

Where to Eat in Curitiba

For me the best part of town to eat in was the old city, known as Largo da Ordem.  You’ll find great sized meals and some nice beers at a place called Schwarzwald in the old city.

Where to Stay in Curitiba

Foreign tourism in Curitiba is still fairly thin, as such there isn’t the huge number of hostels to choose from as is the case in Rio.  However, the quality of the hostels that exists is very high, as are the prices.  I stayed at the HI Curitiba Eco Hostel which was of great quality but did run about 24US$ a night.


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