Central America Travel Guides

Central America will always hold a piece of my heart. It was the first place I really travelled intently as a backpacker of only 20 years of age. I have since been back to the region many times. In my returns I have noticed a lot of changes: the prices have gone up a bit, there are more foreigners, and once off the beaten path destinations are now known. However, the one thing that hasn’t change is the people. From Guatemala all the way down to Panama the people in this region are absolutely amazing in every way.

In my first visit to Central America I learned a strong love and interest in the region that changed my life drastically. I later studied the region in depth through my university degrees in Human Geography and Political Science. I’m sure, without much challenge, Central America will also trigger a sensation of curiosity in you as well.

**Although most consider Mexico a part of North America, I have included them in this section of the guides as well.

Central America Travel Guides

  • Belize (under construction
  • Costa Rica (under construction)
  • El Salvador (under construction)
  • Guatemala (under construction)
  • Honduras (coming soon)
  • Mexico (under construction)
  • Nicaragua (coming soon)
  • Panama (coming soon)

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