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From the northern deserts to the depths of Patagonia, Chile is a country that changes many geographical forms.  However, one thing that never changes is the friendliness of the Chilean people, and their welcoming nature.  You would be hard pressed to think of a country in the world that offers as much variety in terms of tourism opportunities as Chile.  In the north you will find waters with great waves to surf, barren deserts to explore and nice beaches to relax upon.  In the south you’ll be treated to landscapes of rolling wineries, tall mountains waiting to be skied and a number of beautiful lakes for you to set your gentle gaze upon.  Chile is a land of diversity, and a country full of opportunity for every sort of traveller, from the backpackers to the luxury travellers there is a little bit for everyone in this great country.

Budget: 35-50$ / Day
Highlights: San Pedro de Atacama, Valparaiso, Torres del Paine

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