Chile’s second largest city, Concepcion, is far from a tourism hot spot.  In fact, this business centered city is skipped by the majority of tourists to the area.  However, for those who are hoping to find a break in the middle of the long journey from Santiago to the depths of Paragonia, Concepcion makes for a comfortable, if not welcome, day’s rest.  The most recent earthquake which had its epicenter near Concepcion might have rattled the buildings and crumbled some of the street but the spirits of the people in this large university center always seem to remain cheerful and welcoming.  There is something very attractive and endearing about Concepcion, and far too few people spend any time here to find that out.

Concepcion Chile

Concepcion, Chile

Things to do in Concepción

  • Art: Concepcion has a large art presence.  You’ll find some of the best art at Casa del Arte as well as the Galeria de Historia.
    Concepcion Chile

    Flowers in Parque Cousino

  • Mine tour: There is an old mining town near Concepcion that is worth a visit if you have a couple days time.  This can be done on your own or on the backs of a guided tour.
  • Parque Cousino: This park that stretches a long way along one of the mains streets just off the plaza offers a nice escape from the city and some good opportunities for hiking and bird watching.

Where to Eat in Concepción

Most of the best eateries in town are focused on the pedestrian streets just off of the main plaza.  There are lots of places to get fairly cheap meals including pizza at Nuevo Pizza which also has an amazing view of the plaza.

Where to Stay in Concepción

It can actually be quite difficult to find a place to crash in Concepcion, since it caters more to the business community than the travellers.  After looking around for a while first thing in the morning I finally crashed at a place called Hostal Antuco which charged me a healthy 20US$ for a single room, but breakfast was included and although the building was basic, it was comfortable.


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