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Colombia has a long history filled with tumultuous stories and violent civil conflicts.  This country’s dangerous history has scared off tourists for many years.  However, this is all beginning to change.  Quite quickly Colombia has gone from being an off the beaten track travel destination to one of the most well-travelled, highly recommended countries in all of South America.  Those who come to this country are greeted by a great diversity of travel opportunities.  On the coast you will be treated to beautiful beaches, a humid climate, fresh fruits and seafood and the rich histories of some of the oldest settlements in the Americas.  The highlands are home to small getaway communities and richly seeded soils covered by plantations of coffee.  The cities however, are what breathes the life of this vibrant country.  Bogota is rich in culture and art, Medellin is tranquil and beautiful, and Cali bursts with the flavour of the Salsa lifestyle.  The amazing thing, however, is that it isn’t the landscapes, histories, or activities that have visitors gloating about this country to anyone that will listen, it’s the people.  The Colombian people are some of the most polite and friendly people in the world, but that doesn’t stop them from also having knowing how to have a good time.  The spirit of Colombia is carried in the hearts and souls of its people who are among the most caring in the entire world.

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